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Here you will find all necessary training and riding equipment: Make horsemen smile! She is a top FEI horse from Los Angeles, California. Born in Sweden, where she was twice a member of the Swedish national team. Prior to her move to the USA, Mette was a training instructor at the renowned Stromsholm Riding Academy.

She has great own and trained stallions, which are shown in Grand Prix level. She has a Master's in Physical Education and has authored a number of equestrian related papers and a textbook on horseback tension. Miriam has also made a series of equestrian video clips entitled Movement Up and is a well-known rider/trainer on DressageClinic.com.

The best qualitiy for advanced rider.

Online-Sattlerei - Riding Clothes and Equipment

Italy's biggest online saddlery: with over 100,000 items in inventory and a 24 / 48 hour lead time, Tosoni Selleria is an online boutique that can meet every need. The interior of the equestrian centre offers a selection of top brand products: Here you will find everything you need for all kinds of horse back rides or specialities, thanks to the different horse gear ranges that can be worn by riders for both practice and competition.

Wear appropriate clothes to make this activity more convenient and safer: sweats, pullovers and rain coats for walking; coats, vests and mittens for the cold season; and jodhpurs that are convenient and convenient to use. Competitive dress must follow strict regulations, each competitor must have stylish race jackets and jerseys, not to speak of the glove, hat and accessory.

Suitable ridingboots are required for horseback rides in England to ensure a safe hold on the stirrup. In our online shop, among the best stocked online saddlery in Italy, those who love to ride in the west will find clothes and accessoires in the best possible US fashion, fine worked leathers, harness and decoration for the horses and all the necessary gear for the special contests.

Besides denim s, check tops and wide-brimmed caps, a large choice of occidental shoes, lavishly adorned with characteristic detail and colour, or with a straight and austere look, were not missing to experience the Made in USA atmospher. Basically for a safe driving the equestrian must suit the equestrian, without disturbing or disturbing motions and optics, but in our online saddler y you will find special helms of different makes with different forms, colors and decoration.

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