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Store today for great savings on show shirts, show coats & more! Ladies Equine Couture Danvers show coat. Ladies TuffRider Kirby Kwik Dry Short Sleeve Show Shirt. The kind you should wear to an English horse show.

All the clothes and equipment you need to show English.


Second hand piqueur shirtsize 36. RNWT, never taken out of packaging and now superfluous, rock fish with leotard. Caucasian with a bluish detail. Unvisible under the show coat. BIG 10 LARGE BID big 10 large bidding at only £9.99 BIT! This is HAVING HUGE CLEAR OUT.... piqueur ladies' top, 42 in...

forty-two, which I think is a fourteen. Sizes::

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You want to do your best and still enjoy yourself in a race, after all it is a physical challenge and what more do you want than a stylish piece of clothes that gives you the amazing look without sacrificing your wearing comforts? A great effort has been made to produce our showwear.

Engineered fabrics and unparalleled design have resulted in high-quality sweaters and coats that no one can withstand. Kingsland's super-functional show tops are air-permeable with quick-drying fabric and feature moisture-transporting properties that wick perspiration away from the wearer and keep the wearer cold, warm and cozy in the most challenging conditions.

Along with the stunning design and fashionable cut, they are often adorned with glittering crystal and glossy or contrasting knobs, making them the most stylish garments on the market.

Men Riding Clothing

All of our retailer and on-line shops are equipped with top brand staples of staple, clothes and stall accessories. Besides a complete product range for horses and riders we offer over 100 new and used jumping and training jumping and training horses, among them Stübben, Bates, Equipe and more. We' re an independant tackshop run by committed horsemen, our aim is to help you find the right product for you and your horses.

#fa0606">Western shirts for women: Inventory size $125 / User-defined $200

Buy with Boo Yah at the APHA Falls World Show in Ft Worth, Tx Sunday, Sept 16-Tuesday Sept. 30th! Now we have silk finishing for: images under shirting, then lining and velvets. $50 per placing (top neck, front pocket, front collar). Piped on coats: $ 40 per placing. Hunting blouse pipings (groin & cuffs) $50.

Free standing fancy collar on hunting tshirts are $40 extra for each. Women's blouse edging costs $50 per placem. Made-to-measure & fabrics (according to your selection of cloth / collar) $ 250 / / Add edging to hunting dress is $ 35 (cuff and listelos) / / / Fantasy unbound collar are $ 40 extra for each one.

Material No.: 756000-2/756209 Chevron Collar I (diamond) with black/white strap. Every tee includes 2 collar of your choise. Also select the ribbons. The twisted strip is an optional feature for every garment, but looks particularly beautiful on a striped material! It can make the sleeves and the groin or just one place of your choosing.

Material #: SH 167 #141 Grey/Black/Blue plaid C ( (black) broad middle band. Each shirt contains 2 different neck styles. Also select the ribbons. Neck D(single V in navy). Each shirt contains 2 different neck styles. Also select the ribbons. Neck C: Broad centre band in the colour of your choise.

Collars D: Individual band colour of your choise. Neck E: colour of your chosen colour on top and bottom. F collar: Turned square in the middle of the cloth. Booh Yah has a wide range of models and dimensions in store (see HUNTING SHEMES IN WAREHOUSE tab). You don't see the flawless one?

You can order ANY cloth in ANY sizes and choose TWO collar of your own choosing. When you order a FLOOR MIZE in your option of cloth, they are $150. Special designs are ONLY valid if the tee is made to YOUR dimensions. Pipe to the hunting shirts is $50 (cuffs & placket )//Fancy cut collar are $40 extra for each one.

Optionally with normal or concealed strip at no surcharge. Incl. brownies for individual design of your shirts! Get a suitably made blouse! Pipe to the hunting shirts is $ 50 (cuffs & placket)// / Fantasy cut collar are $ 40 each. 4 ) $40 per piece is included as an option.

Includes two in each vest, $40 for additional off-the-shelf shirts. To make your own shirts, pick two different shirts! Pick any ribbon and ribbon you want. Please indicate the collared letters (A,B,C,D,E,F,F,G,H,I,J,K) and the colour(s) of the ribbons on order. HUNTING DRESSES: $50 per placing (top neck, front pocket, front collar). Piped on coats: $ 40 per placing.

From $475 for Classic; increase with velvets and/or pipings. You can choose between fabrics and optional items such as silk, pipings or unusual knobs. Made-to-measure pipings are now available to make your own cloak! The pipework cannot be added to exisiting coatings. Specify the colour and position of the pipings.

Apply pipings to collars, revers es, collars and reverses or the top of the bags. The example below has pipings only on the top neck and bags, NOT on the underpants. Women's shirt with edging in all 3 places ($25 per additional place) - collars, button tape and wristbands. Women's shirt with button front, collars and sleeves in edging.

Embroidered on the right sleeve together with the edging. Choose any material (including all hunting shirts fabrics). Brady Hattan in his tailor-made Boyshirt from Boo Yah!

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