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There are sun hats and hats with wide brims to shade your face in the barn or on horseback. Riding cap for fathers, baseball cap, baseball cap, baseball cap, baseball cap, riding cap, riding accessories, pets. Take a look at our ladies' riding hats. State-licensed event clothing, hats and more. Please note that women's fashion hats are seasonal and stocks at our suppliers change daily.

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Hot accessoires are indispensable in the autumn and winters. The addition of riding hats and scarfs to your dressing room helps keep you hot while you work in the stables. Horseware®, Joules and more make it simple to choose stylish riding caps and scarfs for the stables and the city.

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If you go into a show pens, whether you are competing in holster, showingmanship, horsemanship, reoring or cuttin', the judges will give you an instant once-over, from top to-toot. This means that your cap is the first thing a magistrate will notice about you and make the first appearance. Here I will deal with hats of different prices, which are common for most producers.

All hats are from my store, Greeley Hat Works in Colorado, but similar models are also available from other hatmakers. Price-point: $90 and more. On the hat: Some opponents swore that stems are not suitable for the show pens, but every judges I've talked to says that if the judges wear stems, it's okay if the opponents wear them in the arenas.

You' ve probably chosen a thatch to keep your head cold in the heat of a warm and sunny day. Specific care: When you have worn your straws, wipe them off with a clean towel or blast them off with an inner tube. Also a good cap is made of barbed nature with high and low temperature fibres.

Tip #2: When you buy a straws, you know it will be your good hut for a show time of year, and it should probably be turned into your replacement one. Price-point: $150 to $250. It is made of a mixture of rabbits from Europe, and its dimensions are smaller to caress a woman's face and framework.

As a rule, a cap at this cost is best for someone who doesn't use it every single workingday, it's part of a show-pen suit, not a diet. When you take this into account and use it only at exhibitions, it can take two to five years. Specific care: If you want to keep a cap in good shape at this cost, the best thing to do is to clean it after each use.

When you do, it retains its form and is neat and fit to carry the next times you rush to the show pens for your group. Sweatbands are just as important in any felt cap as in a straws. Fee point: $300 to $475. On the Hats: A cap at this cost usually consists of a mixture of rabbits from Europe.

It withstands the normal week-end clothing in the show pens for several years with good maintenance. On this is the discount point to buy if you are going to be embellishing a topcoat or buying a non-traditional colour to go with a particular furnish. If your cap is beautified, the skin's base condition will not be changed.

Hint #4: If you want to buy a less pricey cap, you should least have it. Pricing point: The Greeley hats Beaver20, Beaver Blend or Pure Beaver, similar to other high-X cap series. ABOVE THE HATCH: If you increase the prize, you also increase in qualitiy.

From about $500 you can get a cap that is about 20 percent plain fur, and the plain tiles increase with the cost from there (50 percent plain tiles and 100 percent plain tiles). The use of plain tiles makes the cap light, water-repellent and longer lasting under all circumstances. Wearing a high class cap at this cost will last for many years.

SOMMER CARE: Tip #6: If you buy an adorned or colored cap, make sure it adds value to the remainder of your show look instead of competing with it. When you are wearing a plain top to contest, an beautified top can be that one thing that will set you apart from the rest of the category, in terms of appearances.

He made hats for everyone from dedicated riders to top show-pen rivals to VIPs and celebrity leaders. Find out more about his hats at greeleyhatworks.com.

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