Equestrian show Jackets


Have a look at our selection of riding coats. You will find excellent riding jackets for women for your riding discipline. Show coats for every English discipline in sizes and colours according to your wishes. We offer an almost unlimited selection of riding jackets, coats and shadbells. Equipment Couture Men's Raleigh Show Coat - Choose Options.

Ladies Horse Show Jackets for Women - Ladies English Show Jackets

Equestrian jackets for ladies for British horsemen. Featuring women's jackets in all of the most fashionable designs you can pick from, as well as new technology advances. A showgown or hunting cloak, as they are sometimes known, should match so that the seam of the fur only touches the back.

Women's hunting show jackets have a dual slit in the back with three knobs on the front. Dress jackets are usually longer than a hunting cloak, have a slit in the back with four knobs. Eventer cross-over showcoat can be delivered in both versions. Today's riding jackets are low maintenance and washable in the maschine.

There will be no more last-minute travel to the cleaners before a show! Women's show jackets from Ariat, RJ Classics and Ovation. There is a large selection of ladies' equestrian jackets for all show styles and sports at the British equestrian shows. There are many different kinds of jackets depending on the kind of ride you are taking.

The British classes are training, hunting and show jumps, cross-country show jumps and stadion show jumps. These jackets are available in different show style and demand a very good fitting that is comfortably for your show even with a full movement for your sport. There is a choice of training jackets, hunting and show jackets and show jackets that are a combination.

You will need to make a few choices before starting your measurement to get the jackets you want in the most complimentary fitting. They should wear your show tee when you' re competing for a show-dress. It allows you to take the right measures so that your showgown fits properly and is not too casual if you are in thick shirts or too tucked in if you are in a plain T-shit.

When you measure for a stable or hot coat that is not suitable for use in the show ring, you should always be wearing a heavy pullover before measurement. Stage 1: It is best to have a companion to help you take your measures so that he can make sure the scale is in the right place around your torso and lies level without twisting what can drop your measures.

Stage 2: Stance on a level ground with your feet level, heads up and your back in a position similar to your position when driving in an activity. Let your boyfriend place the flexible fabric measure around the entire part of your chest and hold it in line with the ground.

It is also possible to take your other hand to check the readings. This is because some folks have one longer wrist than others and would need a longer cuffs. Look at the fitting of your British women's clothing by selecting a bottom-opening cardigan, a side slit cardigan or a tailgate so that it remains in place during your show and does not in any way limit your work.

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