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Shop online from a wide selection at the Contemporary Equestrian Store. Horse riding clothes, tack, horse care products, horse gifts, mobile tack shop. The official online shop of the United States Equestrian Federation. Rose Staeck is the owner of Equus Now!, an English equestrian shop that opened in Loveland in April.

Custom engraved and embroidered tack shop with a full range of English tack, saddles, riding clothes, gifts and riding accessories.

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Come and see us at stand 120 next to Longines. We will be packed with so many one-offs, specific rebates, campaigns and much more. At the Equifit stand you will find so many great products and offers. Hopefully to see you next year at the Las Vegas National Horse Show of Blenheim Equisports & Longines at South Point Equestrian Center.

At the West Coast Hunter Finale our own Gabi and her mare Swagger had an unbelievable adventure and took the 7. place.

British equestrian shops in Loveland this April

Now equestrian lovers have a place to go shopping in the city ofoveland. The Equus Now! will open this April at 420 D Wards Corner Road. "At the age of 13 I purchased my first steed and my love of sports made it my life-long career," says Sr. Rose Staeck.

She added that all her staff are enthusiastic riders. It will be the second Equus Now! after the Columbus Store opened in 2002. equestrian equipment that had been operated in Staeck's workshop a few years before. Twenty-two years ago, Staeck said she was one of the few individuals who sold this kind of goods on-line.

Staeck, however, reversed the present trends, with the bricks and mortars business increasingly concentrating on the Internet. Seeking an occasion, Staeck resumed her on-line running while opening a store at the Lewis Center in Columbus near the ANNIVERSARY Horses Show of the Quarter Horses Association. "We had a need for this kind of store in (the area)."

The Equus Now! is opened in a former empty storage hall. The Staeck company invested $350,000 in the renovation of an 8,000 square meter store. Equus Now! sells British equestrian products such as jodhpurs, ankle boot and clothing as well as British equestrian gear and accessories such as calipers, fences and rugs.

"It is a great meeting place for those who work with the horse or live the lifestyle," said Tracy Baker, branch director. The Equus Now! will be ceremonially opened from Friday to Sunday, April 6 to 8. Information can be found on the Internet at www.equusnow.com.

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