Equestrian Tack Sale

Riding Tack Sale

Bar code tagging page to identify your articles. Bar code labeling page to mark your articles. Irrespective of the number of articles sent, a $10.00 charge applies. 70% of the sales prices for all articles you sell.

Untagged (60% for articles without bar code tags). Refer to the notice on the bar code staging page for commissions for 2018.

Nearest sale!

We would like to ask you to come to us in autumn this year to celebrate our 15.

We would like to invite you to our 15-year jubilee sale this autumn. Many thanks to all the faithful senders, work exchanges assistants, advertising companies and buyers who have accompanied us over the years. Please note: The sender fee has been prolonged to Tuesday and Wednesday for all senders (no dates or minimal quantities required).

Senders Tue. 11-9 and Wed. 10-2) can cancel the order. HGVs, Trailer, Tractors, etc. can be stored in front of the house for only $25 each. Any transaction on these tags and cars is between the vendor and the purchaser. We' re in the Holshouser buildin'.

It' the large, round, bay edifice between the NC Fairgrounds flea market and the NC State Hunt Horse Complex.

Coming SAFEs | Saving a Lost Horse (SAFE)

The Equine Wellness Expo and Tack Sale! This Saturday 11/24 at the Reber Ranch ! First Highbrow Hack took place on October 9, 2012 at Bridle Trails State Park. It' been a great time for a trailer trip! "Fill the Trailer" this Saturday at the Reber Ranch! Auburn this Sunday!

It is not too early to enrol for our saddle fitting clinic. Pin for ponies - The clock is ticking! Pokerst Ride - December 13, 2009 Everyone who earned over $900 for SAFE had a fantastic poker ride. We had a big participation at the Bridle Trails State Park in Bellevue WA.

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