Horse refers to any member of this species, including horses. Horse (not comparable). Horse definition that refers to or resembles a horse: a fat, horse-like face. Find out about the health and nutrition of horses. " He lost his shirt betting on horse races.

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The Equus is a genera of mammal of the familiy Yequidae, to which belong horse, donkey and zebra..... Equus is the only recognised genera within the Common European Endemic Equus to include seven live sorts. Horse means any member of this category, as well as any horse. Equus, like Équidae, has a number of endangered fossil only known from fossilry.

Horses are uneven hoofed animals with slim limbs, long head, relatively long neck, mane (upright in most subspecies) and long cocks. Whereas the house and the ass (together with its savage descendants) live all over the world, savage equine stocks are restricted to Africa and Asia. There are two types of welfare system for horses: a narrow -grouped system of harems comprising an adult man or colt, several female or mare and their young or foal, and a regional system in which men build areas with habitats that draw women who are very fluid.

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