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New Axiom Equine Fit. Jodhpurs & Breeches riding clothes.

Sheer Harmony Equine Apparel: Inexpensive, high quality equipment

Harmony Equine Apparel, a company of Lisa Updike, is specialized in satisfying the needs of equestrians for top class horses at an accessible cost. She is experienced in events, training, western and also as a rider and clinic. These backgrounds help her choose beautiful, high-quality, privately worn leathers and her portable shop stocks all kinds of British rods for versatility, hunter/jumper and training and also features a wide range of bridle and halter models.

Sheer Harmony offers HM saddles Vogue and FlexEE Finesse ranges with all 3 styles in different seating options for demonstration and sale. She has learnt to mount these seats in England. These Vogue calipers were developed by Heather Moffett in England and are based on a flexible saddle and FlexEE finesse on a genuine Gullet horse.

Lisa is in direct contact with the producer and has only a small amount of overlap, so she can provide very good rates for this top of the range stack. There will be new products such as westerns fringes and necklaces, collar and leads available in early autumn. Find out more on the Pure Harmony Equine Apparel Facebook page or on pureharmonyhorse.com.

Pyotr Williams Riding Clothes

This is the "FEATURED RIDER" part! Compliment us if you want to be part of this section and be awarded with a PW Helmet Cover when we introduce you and your mare, and take part in the drawing to win a Quality Browband custome made browband, :-) and a GRAND PRIZE at the end of the year!

The driver of this weeks is: HOW OLD WERE YOU WAS WHEN YOU FIRST RIDEN START? In 2010 I began with North Queensland Skiing for the Distabled on the wonderful Atherton Tablelands and now I am at the Cristogracia Hispanic Horse Stud and Training Facility (www.cristogracia.com. au) 2. ANNOUNCER: WHAT'S HER FIRST REMEMBRANCE OF A HORSE?

I' ve always been passionate about equine sport since I was a little maiden, but by the life on a boat (my mum and dad were building a boat and sailing up the east coast of Australia until they fell in romance with North Queensland), which did not come from a horse line, and by the finite financing of my mum and dad, it was unfortunately never possible to own one.

It is the project of people's dream of themselves - potent, mighty, beautiful and capable of freeing us from our daily being. Without dressage I wouldn't be who I am. Being ostracized and stubbornly mobbed, a kid's equine heritage was a visions of liberty, elegance and charm that help me to embed myself in this wonderful underworld.

Connecting with a horseman is an incredibly powerful and rewarding event and we deserve to teach them as much as possible to guarantee their mental and emotional well-being and well-being. THE NAME AND RACE OF YOUR ANIMAL? Dastro Bengala, farmed by Diestro Stud, belonging to Cristogracia Español Horses and Training Facility.

In search of new challanges and to increase my self-confidence and my skills in horse and horse riding, I found Cristogracia Hispanic Horse Stud andraining Facility in the tranquil village of Tarzali, NQ (www.cristogracia.com.au). I' m also coaching a 4-year old stallion Cristogracia Aliento for a tournament début next year. With Cristogracia, I have found a love of classic riding and the art of horse riding and I am hoping to be able to visit as many studios and hospitals in these areas as possible.

Lovin' Spaniards. YOUR MOST PROUD PERFORMANCE WITH YOUR EQUINE SO FAR? I' ve been chosen to enter the Disabled Association of Queensland State Championships in 2012, 2013 and 2014 in the fields of training and equestrian ism, and have placed myself in the top five throughout with very good results.

One of my most proud accomplishments with Cristogracia was participating in the Working Equitation State Championships with Bengala in October 2016. I' ve achieved my (so far) best points and was also honoured with the Best Presented Horses and Riders for the team. {\a6} (No question about my flawless Peter Williams custard jodhpurs!) 7.

YOUR FINAL AIM FOR YOU AND YOUR HORSES? It is my aim in the near to middle range to further refine and refine my equitation and to reach the highest levels in equitation, show and work. THE FIRST PETER WILLIAMS FRANCHISE EVER?

breeches Peter Williams Low Rhider stickers, in ebony. FAVORITE PRODUKT OF PETER WILLIAMS? However, with Peter Williams apparel material I do not have this response at all. Thank you for developing an autism-friendly device and I make sure other drivers, especially drivers with autism, know this.

I' ve got so many of Peter Williams' favorite things. But I' m also a big admirer of the Peter Williams Low Rhider stickers Jodhpur. I like the comfort of the train in riding trousers, especially the contrasting trains in blacks and violets, the train in stylish blacks and whites, and smartnavy and reds (by chance marine and reds are the themed color of Cristogracia),

The buckskin fit makes it easy for me to keep my body balanced and the buckskin is very strong and I always use a couple of custard for competition, I also like the jeans riding pants for exercise, they are stylish and cute. I' m always interested in testing all of Peter Williams' top of the range and can' t wait to test them myself.

In principle I like Peter Williams Riding Apparel!

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