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As a one-stop-shop for all your horse needs. Take a look at the location, turnover, industry and description of NVS Equine Attire. Attire is active in Animal Specialty Services. Deluxe riding clothes for horse and rider. For VIP guests, however, the right'Derby clothing' is recommended.

Equestrian equipment, ponies and blankets

Stretch Sleepware Horse Hoods Black Medium (800-1100 Lbs) from Sleazy Sleepware Horse Hoods. The Sleazy Stretch Hood, made of Nylons or Polyesters Spanndex, is Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses'TM #1 sale article. Keeps the male and front ends of the manes straight, straightens the whole coat and acts as a lining under heavy cloth.

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The latest trends in riding (cough) clothing

In order to advertise for the forthcoming Australian International Three-Day Events, the Olympia medal winner Megan Jones was shown on her Olympia equestrian in an extraordinary dress - her shadow belly and her jodhpurs are more color! It follows last year's picture of Laura Collet's Natterjack that became Union Jack to advertise the Barbury Horses Trials.

I myself would let the colour be applied to the horses, especially as they have just the right colour. Natterjack was adorned with chalk pencils for those of you who want to draw your horses (Halloween, anyone?).

Clothes, schedule and chaos under control

Donkey Derby is only a few mornings away. We' re rather overorganized, but since we organize asses - the place is low and we just hope for organised choas......the asses are so sweet and beautiful, the whole thing will be a lot of pleasure no matter how organised or disordered we are.

The right'Derby clothing' is however, highly recommendable for our guest. When you don't know what to put on, that's how the fashionistas describe fall racing clothes: "Too funny for the offi ce, but too conservativ for dinner" - derby hats, tweeds, riding clothes and costume are desirable....but if you don't find yourself dressed up for a donkey all day long, denim is also appropriate.

2:00 is the pins the tail at the donkey racing (see bel0w). THEY' ALL THE RUNS ARE TWO-TEAMS: The one with a pail of corn, the other with a little clap of powder. They are not kicking and are well prepared to do well at this point - but they are asses and would rather feed on weeds.

The course is controlled by one man and one jackass at a cog. One Lifeline call allows them to get help from another individual for 50 seconds. The course is conceived to be a challenge, because asses are ready to fulfill your wishes until you are in a haste.

When you come with small kids, it is strongly advised that the gap between you and your kid should not exceed the child's years. Therefore, if your baby is six years old, then make sure that your baby is less than six meters away from you at all times. begins immediately at 2:00 pm.

The runner will be sent to the forest for a 3.4 miles "Pin the Time on the Donkey" run. They run with a felt ass tails and run to the target, where they attach the tails with a jackass to the big plank, which lacks the tails.

Whoever achieves the goal and puts his cock first wins.

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