Equine Baby Gifts

Horse Baby Gifts

Baby- and children's clothes with horse theme. Horses gift ideas for infants So this is my present idea my week rate - today it's all about the kids. These are some funny gifts that are suitable for the little ones themselves or for horse-loving mums. Suitable for neonates up to 6 month.

The inner linings are fluffy and smooth and the sole is made of wild leather with the imprint "wiehern". The costume is suitable for infants from 12-18 month and comes completely with tan outfit, fitted cock, headstall, red scarf and shoes. The Gund Baby is made of thin, smooth walcord with seams on the face and cotton covering the heels.

This 8.5-inch can be used to track your cub on his own rig or as a stuffed animal. Upholstered with a foamed plastic base & baby-proof & washable top. The cuddly animal is secure for newborn babies and squeaking when bruised. Made by the handcrafted Douglas Cuddle Toy, with colour-coordinated pipings and stitched eye.

These bizarre creatures are perfectly suited for children's room surfaces and are imprinted with high-quality papers and archive colours. It is part of the landscape set, so there are other pets in the same way. The Cotton Tale designs are made of high grade material and are unique in design. Wrapped in smooth chinilla, the ponies are racing to Brahms' lullaby.

This enchanting equestrian shaker crumples when bruised, sure for infants of all age. Light-coloured designs are ideal for newborn children drawn to colourful items. The soother comes with a line which is attached to the baby clothes. This is a nine piece wood jigsaw game that is secure for children over 18 month.

WubbaNub is sewed into the fabric so that the little ones can better rest. When you are looking for something more mature, there are many gifts to choose from.

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