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- Richard Marman

When a Vietnam War fighter pilots retires, what happens? Just think what a young Royal Australian Air Force C130 passenger would and could achieve in Vietnam in the 1970s. Just think of the deceased Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam" and add a great deal of Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jnr. to "Air America", and you quickly realize why, when Marman put the stylus on tape, the outcome was "The McAlister Line".

Were they just fractions of legends and myths handed down from generation to generation in pilot confusion - or did they really occur? This has resulted in a side-turning storyline of fast-paced fast-paced fast-paced fast-paced novel for those excited about the storyline of fast paced gameplay, as well as an outstanding storyline for young adults.

Drawing on the actual antics of the Vietnam Pilot during the Vietnam Wars, Marman has also drew on the legendary and mythical lives of those drivers who stayed and bore from World Wars I to World Wars II, with more actions and adventures during the Korea and Vietnam Wars that ended with McAlister's Spark, where an astronomic incident provokes a different kind of warfare.

Marman succeeds in combining cutting-edge storyline and adventures, resulting in an intoxicating blend of Miller and McCausland's "Mad Max" and Schute's "On the Beach". McAlister Line are: Forerunner of the line is "McAlister and the Great War", in which Danny McAlister's predecessor Callan McAlister enters World War I (WWI) as an infantryman as part of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF).

Greater storyline and adventures follow as he is launched behind hostile battle lines yet succeeds in avoiding captivity. In the 1950s, the show goes on to see Danny McAlister escape the hard disciplines of a dramatic Aussie residential home and make his way through Queensland and the Northern Territories.

Over the Gulf of Carpentaria, he makes it to Southeast Asia. Due to the tightness of the pilot schedule, Danny and Monty are quickly attracted to fly for those Category A carriers generally described as the world's most shot-on carrier and fly flight mission that even Mel Gibson's Air America would not dare.

Attractive Angela Holyman joined Danny and Monty as they plunged headfirst into an uninterrupted, stunning journey of discovery in Southeast Asia that finally spread across five major geographical regions. They were in Southeast Asia when the seventeenth parallel line of dual army demonstrators between North and South Vietnam was defined by the 1954 Geneva Accords with the northern Chinese communists.

In May, the relentless siege of Dien Bien Phu was over and South Vietnam was overwhelmed by CIA, MI6, French SDECE and other Western intelligence operatives as well as Russian KGB, Chinese MSS and North Vietnamese TCV invaders. So you have to reread the book to see it firsthand.

McAlister's Spark, the last of the McAlsiter Line's books, back in Australia, is a gathering and merger of Schute's "On the Beach" and "Mad Max" that takes the show into the twenty-first century. When Earth travels along the trail of a storm meteorite showers, the evolved Earth is instantly thrown into Anarchy by the total lost of electronics and electric comms.

Will Zach McAlister, Karen Davenport and Mike Farrow be able to live as they are pushed into a wild and fatal new order? Again, the reader receives a constant dieting of actions and adventures to help them switch pages. This whole episode is an exciting and enjoyable reading for fans of the fast-paced entertainment industry as well as for young people and young people.

Accompany Lieutenant Sam McAlister, a remote McAlister relatives from Australia, on a quest to track and capture two escapees accused of homicide across the southwestern United States, Mexico and California, leading to more Richard Marman penned actions and adventures. you will experience a wonderful reading.

It' got a really good feel for the place and from the vocals to the details, it's a very fast-paced storyline that makes you want more. McAlister Line Series is a quick scrolling reader, the kind of reader that lets you loose the overview of your work. CYA Writing Competition Juges de 2012 en Australie :

Reading just one World War I novel during its hundredth jubilee makes it McAlister and the Great War.

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