Equine Boots and Wraps

Riding boots and wraps

PROTECTIVE BOOTS. Leg wraps were used before all kinds of special boots existed. Horse boots and leg wraps protect your horse's hooves and legs from injuries.

boots, wraps increase the leg warmth during training

Chord boots prevent the front of horses from being injured, such as hoofbeats or collision with ankles. The wraps are designed to prevent damage to this delicate area while driving or when working shallow. According to Simone Westermann, DrMedVet, research scientist in the departments of large animal surgery and orthopaedics at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, the body temperatures under boots or wraps rise significantly during training.

Westermann said that it still had to be clarified whether the rise in knee height was good or not. It can be good to keep the sinews hot, especially on colder weather, as colder weather can narrow the veins in the sinews. But too much warmth can also harm tendinous cell, she said.

Excessive temperatures can avoid enough air entering the sinew and this can cause inadequate cellular metabolic and overload damage. The Westermann and her colleagues examined 10 saddle horse that worked on the lunging line, with or without wraps or boots. You measure your legs' temperatures with the help of thermographic devices and thermal imaging.

During the first days, without compresses and boots, the temperature of the horses' feet stayed the same. During the second test stage the dressage stallions were wearing a fleecewrap on one front foot and a neopren boots on the other. Rest-temperature of the wound and bootled feet was only slightly higher than that of the naked one.

Naked feet didn't get too hot when you trot, Westermann said. √ĘThis is likely because the airflow lets the Heat vaporize as charges and wrappers hold the warmth enclosed inside, she said. "It cannot be ruled out that the warmth generated under a chord boots can damage the chordal cell during exhausting movements," she said.

But that is not necessarily a good enough excuse to do without tendon boots and wraps, she added. "I think using tendon boots for regular workout is not a problem," she said. "And boots and supports provide mechanical protection for the sinews from hoof or rod injuries etc.". While Westermann's findings confirmed an upward trend in warmth, it is still too early to make concrete suggestions, she said.

They compared open and close-fitting boots, different fabrics or different outside temp. In the American Journal of Veterinary Research, the paper "Effect of a dressing or chord boots on the midhand bone after training in horses" was out.

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