Equine Canada Horses for Sale

Ecuine Canada horses for sale

BC horse listing, horse property for sale, hobby ranch for sale, horse property. Cut, ranch horse, workhorse location: This is the only website for the sale of horses dedicated to the Canadian national horse Le Cheval Canadien. Rummage in horses for sale and other advertisements. Cute, calm filly looking for a new home. <

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Canada warm blooded animals for sale at Warmblood

WarningNot inclusive of training, versatility, hunters and show jumpers can severely restrict your results. Stage 2, 2010 Champion in Wellington. Beautiful 7 year old, dainty 16'1 female 16'1 Canada warm blood in the second class. It would be suited for a JR/YR looking for a horses to move up the steps as a couple, or for an AA looking for his life horses to take in the peculiarities of riding.

is a breathtaking, 2014 registrated Canadian Warmbloodgeld out of the licensed Oldenburg stud Donner Bube (x Donnerhall). A striking maroon gelding with 4 off-camera socks, blond geldings and a great personality, this 4 piece is not only handsome to look at but also has a great personality! This year Zhingo started successfully in the advanced class.

It also has three extraordinary basic paces and excellent rideability! Ottawa, Dunedin is a 2013 registrated Canadian warm blooded grandstand by Donner Bube by Donnerhall. He is a young, gifted gelding who competes in the Training Level and First Level classes, with points awarded in the 70s. He' got three superb gears with a very energetic butt.

The third stage is trained with a good starting position in flight changes, walking duets and a half passport in the trot and gallop. He is also as cute as he is, easily rideable and wonderfully straightforward. On the show ring, dealer death a Hanoverian gelding from the renowned RCMP breed programme will cause a stir with his highly impressive basic paces and low sheathing.

The young gelding competes with the education and training levels First Levels with points in the 60s and is a favorite in the stable with his soft and soft temper. Southside has three very beautiful and very comfy corridors. Training of the entire third stage, incl. beautiful flight changes. Noborious is raised as an upper-level jumpers.

Zápatero has several successful descendants at the start. Very talented as a young show jumper, she can turn around and free a 4'6 x-jumper.

Young, but reasonable, he is, but because of his old age, he would work best with a self-confident horseman or one in a schooling programme. For sale only because of the owner's gestation. Cute, friendly, affectionate and straightforward JR/AA-Pferd. Added jump video* *Price Reduced* Stereo Hit is a 5 year old Canadian registrated Warmbloodgeld.

Cute, friendly, affectionate and an all around easy going youngster. It is a sturdy first grade with convenient gears. Stereo Hit is designed for young or experienced amateurs who want to experience a funny, secure ride. He comes from a long line of successfull tournament horses. 3hhh Ster KWPN Mare(Ohorn/Indoctro/Zeus) was shown until 1. 6m, also in show jumping.

In Europe he was shown in advanced class and 4-foot-jumping. Well, three very pretty corridors. It has 3 beautiful courses, which fit well to the fighters and the training arena.

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