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Order your free Equine catalogue today. What happened to you? The company provides the broadest range of products in the sector, from the stables to the stables gate, from the floor to the front door, while at the same time expanding through innovations and strategical partnerships. We have a dedicated and experienced staff, from stables to stablesystems, to help you plan your stables!

The Jeffers Equine | Equine & Tack Care Catalogue

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to ARS - Horses - Catalog

We are proud to present this catalogue and the above mentioned equine insemination systems (ARS) as our support for the artificial insemination (AI) practices in the equine world. Starting as part of a deeply rooted aviation and space business. Through the transfer of technologies and the application of advanced technologies, high-tech electronic and high-quality production methods and skills, ARS is setting industrial benchmarks for livestock farming equipment.

ARS developed its first model, the 534A densimeter in 1980, which is known in the sector as the "Blue Box". Following our modern production practices, continuous improvement has been made and our latest densimeter designs are fully digitized with improved features and a computerized user interfaces.

It is our aim to constantly create new and innovating equine solutions that meet the needs and technological changes of the equine world. Research and development efforts are continuing and have resulted in new devices that are also used in husbandry programmes for other animals. Each of our product is separately or sequentially sampled to make sure our clients get high qualitiy, biohazardous, and simple to use product.

As we know that our work is based on your continued commitment, we thank you for the trust you have placed in ARS and its product line. All the best for a prosperous growing seasons.

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