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Horse community in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Land of horses - Home If you want to take a hike or a comfortable drive in our car, our kind employees will do their best to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Horse rides are available for beginner, hunters, show jumpers, horsemen, as well as horsewomen. Each year Equine Country stages several hunter/jumper shows, westerns and extreme trails.

AIAT launches new Fashion Country Boots for Fall 15 - The No. 1 resource for horse farms, stables and coaches.

The world-leading supplier of cutting-edge riding shoes and clothing, Ariat International, has released a new all-weather line of women's boots from England for autumn 2015. New GORE-TEX water resistant women's models for your snug, comfortable warmth. Wonderful water resistant leather and country house style make this line perfect for outdoors life in bad weathers.

The Ariat Country range features the Braemar GTX, a gorgeous high boots with stretch gussets and drawcord for calves adjustment; the Bryn GTX, a sleek, medium-high water-resistant boots perfect for moderately hot weather and the Berwick GTX, a high boots with Thinsulate isolation, a full back zipper and a front lacing system for ease of wearing in cool climate zones.

The Ariat line will be launched in the shops in September 2015; it will be presented at the FFaNY in New York in December 2014 and at the FN Platform in Las Vegas in February 2015. AIAT International, Inc. is the premier producer of cutting-edge, high-performance horse-wear. Equipped with proprietary technologies that offer strength, endurance and convenience, Ariat has been a pioneer in the use of the latest sports shoes technologies in British boots and genuine westerns.

The Ariat product is marketed through a worldwide sales outlet net. If you would like more information about Ariat or your nearest Ariat dealer, please call Ariat at 800-899-8141 or go to www.ariat.com, as we do on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AriatInternational and join us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Ariat.

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