Equine Driving Equipment

Driving Equipment

CILCO DRIVA PUFFER PAD BLACK Carriage Driving Harness Saddle Pad Large. Pacing hobbles are added to the harness of the race horses to help them maintain their gait. Buy from the world's largest selection and the best offers for horse transport equipment. One example Andy gives is the quality of the equipment.

Drive your horse: Security comes first

Security is the top priority when driving your horses. Our professionals provide help in this product to keep both the seasoned rider and the novice rider secure while at the same time enjoy this ever-growing game. That nearby stallion you just bought was afraid of hanging, and you almost didn't decide to take him out. When a biker comes by, it comes to your head that you should use a thicker piece with this new rider just to be on the save side.

Close-up jumping on something, accelerating his speed, but returning. "While jumping from one side of the courtyard across the courtyard, the ponies fall a traffic-board. There is a large tree in the way, and every steed picks up opposite sides of the solid tribe.

Power from the weighty bar that hits the boom divides the bar into two parts, pulling the wood evenings apart, bending the front axis, blasting apart the metal fittings and the hams on both belts and causing the horsemen to stop at last. Afterwards, the off-horse is standing still and sucking hard, but quiet - the close animal, which you now curse, trembles white-eyed in the confusion of strap and saddle, which was once a good dish.

When the adrenalin stops you from feeling your own knee, bleedings and swelling, you leap down to catch the horse before something else happens. It' important that riders, like their horse, are taught the fundamentals and a methodological approach so that no abbreviations are taken and no errors are made.

We' ve found that in mixed driving situations, most crashes occur with Stage 2 riders - those with enough driving skills to get things moving, but not enough expertise to make truly sound trackwork. Stage 1 riders are still careful enough not to take any risk. Intermediate riders, who often take big ventures, have enough timeframe to get through it.

" Spending your spare money in the driver's chair with the horse is like sticking it in a money box - after all, there is enough to actually make a real impact. It is so important that the constancy of driving times is such that the Americans Driving Society (ADS) gives points to their leisure members, who login during the year and reach up to 1,000 hours/year.

"Really, there are no stats about casualties with leisure drivers," says Susan Koos-Acker, Managing Director of the USA. Favouring the use of plastic, Andy warned that it is very important to verify the rigidity of the tableware and its equipment, no mater whatsoever.

Older seams found in some of these tableware tend to decay over the years. Even though the driving of draught-hikes is basically not much different from the driving of their smaller brothers, the two realms are sometimes very different on many different planes. "There' s actually no security checklist in the workhorse world," says Lynn Miller, an writer, illustrator, publisher and working rider from Sisters, Oregon.

I' ve been working in the field with draught horsemen for 35 years. I' ve learned that their way of reacting is more important than their raw power. "Lynn has written many novels, among them The Work Horsehandbook. The Small Farmer's Journal is also published, a bi-monthly grass root journal dedicated to the grower who works the country with a keen eye for steers, bullocks and a keen eye for the environment.

As she teaches driving force workshop throughout the United States and Canada, Lynn says: "The very first thing I tell my pupils is the most important thing I tell them: "I don't know you rely on your ponies, rely on you knowing your ponies." Though Lynn may have a more philosophic explanation than Andy Marcoux or the Americans Driving Society, his recommendations for the novice are not too different from theirs.

"Every new team rider must know how to assess the power of his horse, the horse's condition and the equipment's wellbeing. "This means that the seasoned captain should keep a close eye on his horse, his equipment and his area. Asked why humans can't reach their driving targets, Lynn answers: "There are two things that make humans fall apart in their quest to work with them.

You have to have faith in your own intuition. It is important that individuals are supported to the extent that they can be confident that they know their own animals. "Learn from the experiences of others to keep you, your stallion and your environment secure while riding.

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