Equine Exercise Equipment

horse training equipment

HORSE TRAINING EQUIPMENT Designed for practicing in all weathers, from 10-degree ascent to full race speeds, these efficient bikes provide a smooth and forgiving ride. Everyday weighting of your equine body during exercise is just as important as exercise. Just how quickly a stable regains its balance after exhausting exercise or work will show the coach how efficient his exercise and nutrition programmes are in helping his stable develop its capacity to achieve its top performing capabilities.

Horses are a secure and comfortable way to contain a horses during treatment, treat injuries, administer IV's, feel a mare, use jacuzzis, etc. The Sub Surface Grid is an intermeshing, soil-stabilizing drain unit that mitigates sludge pockets or ground excavation impacts in heavily frequented areas.

Andere EzyWalker is Installed in Virginia

New 70' Enzywalker equine trainer was recently fitted at a Clarke County, VA equine ranch..... EvyWalker Equine Exercise Machines have been designed by individuals with over fifty years of working knowledge and education in equine sports. They are ideal for lay-ups and help conditioning your equine animals for sales or competitions.

EvyWalker horse exercisers will take the heavy work out of your exercise and exercise programme. Fully controllable in terms of pace and heading, the machine ensures that your horse receives thorough and constant exercise while reducing labour costs. "As we were preparing for the horse sales before we had an EGYWALKER, we had to employ several staff to go and throw the horse - it was labour-consuming.

And then we purchased an EzyWalker and reduced our work to one person."

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