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Take a look at the selection of Equine Nutrition products, including Horse Feed & Supplements for Breeding, Breeding, Senior and Performance Horses. That limits the amount of food a horse can take in at one time. If it is a matter of maintaining your horses health and energy, a correct nutrition is crucial.

If it is a matter of maintaining your horses vitality and nutrition. The DuMOR Equine range includes a top of the range of high value feeds and feed additives specifically formulated to feed your horses. Whatever your pet's ages, activities and physical condition, DuMOR has created a tasty and nutritious formulation specifically tailored to their needs.

Who better to make pet foods than growers do we adore ponies (and just know what their bodies need)? Procuring the best products locally, using advanced cleaning methods and thoroughly tested our formulations, we ensure that your horses' feeds are of the highest possible standard. Feeding several animals at the same time can be difficult, especially if they are all at different phases of their lives and have different exercise intensities.

The DuMOR Equistages Equistages Equistages Equine Feed is a unique formulation that satisfies the needs and appetite of equine owners at all phases of their lives and at all ages of activities. Approximately This FormulaDuMOR Equistages Equistages Equine Feed is a high-quality feed specially formulated to satisfy the dietary needs of all equine nutrition. No matter what their current ages or phases of their lives, this formulation has everything the human organism needs to cure tissues, regrow your coat and keep your equine all around lucky and sane.

Pack size:50 lb DuMOR Equistages Equistages Equine Feed scores 4.5 out of 5 x 55. I am thrilled with myorses! It is used to feed my two older ponies (28 and 30). Horses do not gain importance on this equation I have been using this for several month and it seems to put no importance on my seniors. No...

Big nutrition I've been using this lining for nearly a year now and don't trade it for anything. It is a pelletized nutrition, so is low starch and no additional sugars or candy that u get from a molasses flavor. I' m feeding my minipony and every animal I get that's hungry for a cute feed.

They like it that I have been giving my racehorses for 5 years and they devour every single one. Is Dumor EQUISTAGES caloric value? and I got the information for Dumor Senior. The Dumor Equistages are between 1260 and 1280 Kcal/lb. An entire feed tabs was sent by e-mail.

This is only advisable for ponies. However, if the state of the equine animal justifies a low level of starches and sugars, we suggest buying one that ensures a certain level of strength. Sugars and starches will differ from plants to plants, with variations not only in the contents but also in the use of Molasse used.

I' m gonna need a full ingredient listing in equiptages, please! I have a very sensitive stomach for allergies to corns and soya, so I have to see everything in it. Weizen-Middlings, Sun Curated Alfalfa, Haferschalen, Getreidescreenings, Sojaƶl, Malzsprossen, Calciumcarbonat, Rohrmelasse, Salz, L-Lysin, Vitamine elastic supplement, Kupfersulfat, Zinkoxid, Vitamine D3 Supplement, Brewery dry yeast,

Biotin, selenium yeast, riboflavin supplement, vitamin A supplement, vitamin B-12 supplement, calcium pantothenate, niacin supplement, calcium iodate, magnesium oxide, cobalt carbonate, iron carbonate, sodium selenite, manganese oxide. Before you send an e-mail, please make sure you have the feed-date. Which is the pounds to quarto transformation on this feed? Please add sugars, starches and fibre!

When you have a stallion with a temper that justifies a low-sugar/low-starch feed, please buy a feed that ensures a certain level of nutrition. Sweetness will differ from plants to plants, with variations not only in the constituents but also between the constituent lots. Are Dumor feeds produced in the USA?

Yes, DuMOR feed is made in the USA with grain from the USA. The DuMOR Senior range in calories is from 1090 Kcal/lb. to 1290Kcal/lb. and consists of about 24% sugars and starches.

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