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Daily new jobs in horse nutrition. Sales Manager Horse Feed (France). Nourishers are employed who focus on dairy products, beef, horses, pigs, poultry and other livestock.

Sale Feed Jobs

A feed trader is in charge of supplying cattle feed to stock farms and traders. The tasks of a feed distributor are to sell feedstuffs to customers, to search and develop relations with new customers, to market feedstuffs to existing and prospective customers, to maintain awareness of the feed manufacturing sector and new produce and processes, to inform customers about the advantages of certain kinds of feed and to keep a record of operations.

Typically, a Bachelor's in Agriculture, Commerce, Marketing, Veterinary Sciences, Telecommunications or a related subject is necessary to become a Feed-Salesperson. Some of the useful professional capabilities are Charism, good oral and writing language proficiency, good self motivating qualities, self-confidence, consequent good attitudes, good negotiating skill, persuasiveness and good powers to solve problems.

A feed distributor's prospects for the labour markets are reasonable.

Horses for sale

Being one of the world's leaders in animal health, we want to have the technology and knowledge to make sure we are well placed in the sector to fight new illness. Interested in extending our worldwide outside research networks with senior researchers?

In your capacity as Head of Externally Innovative, you are representing Boehringer Ingelheim with the highest levels of ethics and professionalism in collaboration with outside actors such as academics, academia, heads of academia and state research institutions on a worldwide basis. Your experience will give you a clear scholarly view of all of BI Animal Health's priorities and uncovered needs across all types and features.

They are developing the overall outside R&D R&D R&D outsourcing approach within Vaccine Design, in line with the R&D policy for vaccines and the needs of the business units for all types of animal (poultry, pigs, pets, horses, cattle). In addition, you will extend and enhance our outside research staff to provide the latest technology and vaccine research skills and platforms.

Working with major institutions for the major new emerging illnesses, you secure our leadership in the fight against new illness. They manage outsourced innovations agreements and budgets in cooperation with appropriate divisions and update up-to-date know-how and a data base on worldwide outsourced technology and business associates.

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