Equine Fusion Boots

Ecuine Fusion Boots

The North-American website for Equine Fusion jogging shoes. ACTIVE JOGGING SHOE FOR HORSE, SOLD IN PAIRS: horse fusion We' re very pleased that Equine Fusion is looking for International BrandAmbassadors! the well-being, health and power of the equine. To have a bare-foot steed allows the hoofs to work as planned by Mother nature, but Mother nature did not want us to rid them and use them in sports at the same moment.


Welcome to the Equine Fusion jogging shoe website in northamerica. Incorporating an all-new, completely elastic shoe with elastic sole, these boots are a great choice over metallic boots and are engineered to work as natural as possible. Applicable for most sports such as equestrian, training, jumping, carriage and also as a rehabilitative help for wounded or delicate toes.

About Equine Fusion

They have been designing and improving a new kind of boots with a completely new design since 2005. You have created a extremely versatile yet powerful boots that forms around the hood and imitates the form of the heel! The Fusion offers a lightweight, long-lasting "jogging shoe" that keeps the horse's hoofs free from bumps, abrasion and abnormal strain and gives the horses the ability to perform regular biomechanical work.

Equine Fusion Jogging Shoe is designed to support and improve the horse's anatomical and functional nature. Her boots are already widely used in many different sports in Norway and Europe.

ULTIMATE Equine Fusion Horseshoe

The Equine Fusion Ultimate jogging shoes are durable and particularly inexpensive. Help your pony or your pony to regain a natural balance! Perfect for round or almost round hoofed ponies. New Ultimate Equine Fusion boots are available in single pieces. This latest construction of soles blends the best features of Equine Fusion ULTRA and PERFORMANCE.

Helps the horse's horseshoe work. Helps in the rehab of problems with hoofs.

Adapt able to a complicated form of horseshoe and can be used for distorted hoofs. For - mounts with longer than broad hoofs and round or almost round hoofs. Equine Fusion is both a competitive boots /shoe for horse back rides and a therapeutic boots. It is not recommendable for broader than long hoofs.

Since 2005 Equine Fusion is a Norway-based firm that has been developing a new kind of boots, a supple, lightweight and strong jogging shoe that keeps the horse's hoofs safe from bumps, abrasion and unnecessary strain. Equine Fusion Jogging Shoe Ultimate - a new level of foot protector and heels.

This is the world's first running footwear for the horse! Please be aware that the use of boots over metallic boots will void the guarantee. Those boots are beautiful! The bangs had suffered abscesses that had debilitated the farrier walls, which meant that boots were not an optional extra. These boots offered the necessary shelter in a very stony area.

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