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Snaffle gifts - Horse gifts When you have any suggestions, just give us a call and we will be glad to help you! Simply order on-line, by telephone or by e-mail. With our 28-day returns policy, you can rely on a courier to meet your needs. We do everything from next-generation deliveries to global dispatch to make purchasing with us simple and uncomplicated.

Making a present | Redwings Horse Sanctuary and Equine Veterinary Centre

Wills and wills make up most of our revenue - without them we just couldn't work. Redwings has many ways to make a permanent present. They can have a certain amount of cash (a so-called cash legacy), a percent of what remains if your other desires are fulfilled and the expenditure is covered (a remaining possession) or a certain property (a picture, jewelry or even a certain automobile, which is known as a certain gift).

If you have any suggestions or information about your inheritance present, please feel free to get in touch with us or if you have already made a statement for Redwings in your will, you can make a commitment.

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Gray's Incorporated in 1922 is an English brand that offers Luxury Equestrian Inspired Leather, design handbag, wallet and wallet along with British Themed Country Gifts. We have a complete line of bags from the icons of the bridle bite to country cushions with British countryside nostalgia. Order our Country Gifts and Luxury Equestrian Luggage now.

To see our Country Themed Gifts and Equestrian Inspired handbags in action before you buy, we have a show room at our headquarters in Shenstone, WS14 ODU, open 9 pm to 5 pm on workdays.

Online Shop | Horse Trust Gift Shop

You can find a nice present or just indulge yourself in something good in The Horse Trust Gifthop. Our on-line store has something for everyone with gifts, maps and new products for the season. Any profit from the sale of these gifts will be used wherever the need is greatest. In this way, you can be sure that your assistance will make a lasting change in the life of our people.

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