Equine Herbal Supplements

Herbal Equine Supplements

A complete line of horse herbal blends is available along with Equine Energetic Evaluation training, which is used to evaluate your horse's hair. Through our world-class, objective research, we are driving the development of our premium line of natural herbal supplements for dogs and horses. Benefits and drawbacks of herbal supplements for horses A recent scientifically based study has shown that there is little indication of the use of herbal supplements in equidae, despite their wide use in industrial applications. In addition, undesirable occurrences associated with a herbal supplement are an unrecognised and potentially serious problem. A.

Williams, MD, and Emily D. Lamprecht of the Equine Science Center at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey report that few plants have been featured in peer-reviewed and research studies conducted with equine researchers.

Sunhat as an immunostimulant; devil's talon (contained in a herbal blend ) as an anti-inflammatory drug in the case of Osteoarthritis; linseed for protecting against hoof deer, improving cardio-vascular fitness and reducing the incidence of dermatological allergies; garlic for lowering the breathing frequency in equine patients with COPD; ginger during training for shortening regeneration time.

Williams says equine horseowners and trainers must take both monetary and security considerations into account when they decide whether to use a herbal food supplements in their horses. A summary of this report entitled "Some commonly fed herbs in equine nutrition: a review" is currently available on PubMed (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez).

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Whilst the panel has not yet been informed of the effectiveness of herbal treatment for Cushing's disease, there is evidence that cherry berries (Vitex Ágnus Castus) may be beneficial for early cases of Cushing's disease. Vegetable remedy may be used topical to alleviate the pains and inflammations of tender tissues lesions such as contusions, sore muscles and upsets.

Used to help avoid haematomas and swellings after injury and to avoid platelet accumulation at the site of trauma. Particularly useful for relieving pains in joints, muscles and rheumatism, it has also been shown to help in preventing muscular rigidity and relieving pains when used before and after sporting activities.

Tinctures or topical products with nicotine can be applied on the outside, but should be prevented in case of fractures. Stimulant, tonic, diaphoresis, emetic, patient, antispasmodic, cathartic and febrifuge. Evidence from research shows that this plant can help fight smaller virus and bacteria diseases by helping to stimulate erythrocytes to break down pathogenic micro-organisms more efficiently.

Doctors in Germany, where herbal medicines are more mainstream than in the United States, are currently using bones to help cure virus diseases such as cold and influenza. In case of clogged mucous membranes and pains in the bones. Buchweizen, a wealthy spring of irons, makes him a precious bloody herb. It is useful in the treatment of osteoarthritis, epitaxy, pancreatitis, or any other disease that could profit from increased circulation.

Used for all types of bleeding diseases, especially liver and kidney functions. As it is a bitter substance, this cabbage is an outstanding digestion help. Ideally suited for treating bleeding diseases or poisonous situations that can lead to diseases such as dermatitis, wounds and horny corn. Strengthens the circulation, strengthens the cardiac system, vessels, galleries and the nervous system. As a general pick-me-up it is also specifically for the circulation and the alimentary system.

DIGESTIVES is a very good toner, especially if the horses have little appetizers. Enhances perfusion and helps lower hypertension, especially in ARTHRITIC/RHEUMATIC, NAVICULAR SYNDROME. Is used as a harnantiseptic. To support the healing of Brushing, it degrades human erythrocytes. It is also perfect for inflammations of the STOMACH LINING (ulcers and colitis) as well as for diseases of the airways as it has a pulmonal effect.

External leg swell is recommended for muscle and ligament injuries, tibia pains, arthralgia and inflammations. For use as your fountain penonic. Alleviates urinary tract issues such as bladder infections and renal calculus. It contains ferric, vitamine and A. It is a naturally occurring electrolyte that contains plenty of kalium, magnesia, calcium as well as vitamine A, D and C. Dandelion is a good purifier and therefore an excellent rheumatic remedy.

Devil's Claw, also known as "Nature's Bute", is known for its capacity to offer rapid, potent and dependable analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects. Devil's claw has been used to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis, sinew and band injuries, as well as injuries to the distal tendons and joints where there is a need to relieve pains and inflammations.

Used for treating chronical virus or bacteria infection. As a prophylaxis use to prevent infection of the horse. Haemopoietic cleaner and a glands and lymph system cleaner. Helpful for urethral infection. Ideally for dermatological problems and to heal wounds. Entire plants are anti-inflammatory, adstringent, aid digestion, highly effective in ophthalmology and slightly toning. Used for internal treatments of arthritis (especially nose noses), rhinitis, dry eye, rhinitis, conjunctivitis as well as infection of the airways.

Anti-septic, antispasmodic, aromatic, carminative, antispasmodic, mucolytic, galactogogog, hepatic, mucolytic, stimulating, stomach strengthening, strengthening. Gentle for diuretics, this cabbage is also good for treating urethral diseases. Everyday use of Garlic in the food has proven to be very advantageous for the human organism, especially for the circulatory system and the cardiac system.

Knoblauch is a high-performance cleanser for bleeding cells. Used for the treatment of diseases of the airways, in particular to support the removal of mucosa. Support the bacteria living in the intestinal system. Knoblauch is high in sulfur, which is secreted through the pore structure of the epidermis and helps discourage flying fish and other pests. Among the most precious benefits of Ingwer is its capacity to help lessen inflammations by neutralising free radicals contributing to them.

Indeed, many today's spice experts use natural herbs such as natural herbs such as natural herbs, to address medical conditions associated with irritation such as osteoarthritis, pulmonary hypertension and leg colitis. It is a strong toner with an impressing spectrum of healthy advantages. It is a strong plant that helps the organism when it is under PHYSICAL STRESS, EXPENDITURE and TIDYNESS. And those who are very run down due to VIRAL infection like FLU.

Roots and cortex are adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, tonifying and vasodilatory agents. Strengthens the circulatory system of the capillary system. Analgesic, anti antiseptic, antispasmodic, anodyne, astringent, bitter, diuretic, febrifuge, hypnotic, nervin, sedative, stimulant, stomachic, tonics, vermifuge. Even with diarrhoea, stimulation of appetizers and stimulation of intestinal transit, it has an anti-epithetical and anti-inflammatory effect on infection of the intestinal mucosa.

Antibiotic, Antihypothyroid, Antirheumatic, Demulsifying, Diuretic, Emesing, Mucilage, Sedative, Stimulant, Strengthening. Laxative, promotes perfusion, calms the epidermis. Offers anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory effects and helps with pains, pruritus and inflammations. Beneficial for diseases of the airways and stomach ulcers. Aid in the treatment of inflammations of the urethra and indigestion such as stomach ulcers and inflammations.

Espirin, Sweet herb, contains nitric oxide, which gives it the anti-inflammatory effect in case of chronic pains. It is one of the best spices for stomach sores and indigestion and chafing. To be used as toner in early Spring. Adstringent, anti-angiogenetic, antispasmodic, carminating, mildly bitterness mint have a powerful effect on the intestinal mucosa.

Soothes and relaxes the alimentary system. It can be used for cooling pruritus and irritated skins and reduces swellings in joints. Stinging nettles are abundant in ferrous and vitamin C. They are highly prized by those who recognize herbs for their adstringent properties and their capacity to help circulate, making them an ideal choice for hoof roe deer and osteoarthritis.

Perfect as water for springs, to clean and condition your circulation. Specifically for UTI. Clover has a curative effect on the epidermis and its supporting effect on the immunity system of the organism and the excretion system make it useful in case of irritation and infection. They' re an outstanding source of vernal tonics. Helps digestion and soothes indigestion, reduces flatulence and increases digestion.

Help reduces lactation in breastfeeding broodmares during withdrawal. Topical as a detergent use this herb for fungal infection, cutaneous infection and cuttings. Calms the gastrointestinal system. On the outside, the oils are useful in the treatment of neuralgia, bruises and burn injuries. Used for airway infection and coughing. Opens blockages, relieves the airways and assists in the expulsion of catarrh. 3.

Works like a urinantiseptic. Especially useful for urethral infection such as bladder infection. Verbena is a herbal medicine that strengthens the central nervous system. It is used to relax the muscles and relieve anxiety. This is a peptic toner which, due to its bitterness, contributes to the improvement of your metabolism. Help to boost mother's milk output and works like a Lebertonikum.

Various species of pasture are used medically for their analgesic effect. Pasture, often referred to as "natural aspirin", can be used to cure temperature and all forms of aches. For a long time used medicines against osteoarthritic pains and inflammations. Advantageous for urethral tract infection, temperature and ruptured veins as they appear in epitaxy.

Helps the perfusion and perfusion of the periphery arteries and is therefore perfect for the management of osteoarthritis. Yellow Dock is a high-performance cleanser and adstringent. Used in the therapy of all illnesses of body and mind. They nourish the liver, detoxify the liver, purify and enrich the circulatory system.

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