Equine Hoof Boots

horse hoof boots

Cavallo, EasyBoot, Davis and more offer a wide range of hoof shoes from Jeffers Equine. Rarefoot boots and accessories for all natural barefoot horses and ponies. Shoes: An exhaustive listing When your stallion is barefooted, or when you want to make the change to barefooted, then you probably need a good pair in time. I have used them for rehabilitation as well as for driving on uneven ground. Even if you mainly go horseback on a lawn or in an arenas, it is a good way to have boots to help, because you never know when you'll need them!

In order to spare you any hassle, I thought I would publish a (fairly) extensive shortlist of available boots. Together with a photograph I enumerate the fundamental characteristics of each boots, for which it is usually used, the size and the cost of the construct. For further information about one of the boots, please ask the respective manufacturers.

Included in this listing are both ridingboots and therapeutic boots, but no soft or healing boots. However, if you wish, you can tell your own story about a specific boat guy in the commentaries below. Caution: Due to your own professional knowledge, the shoe size is very accurate and you must ensure that the hoof measures are taken just after trimming your horses.

Renegade® Hoof Shoes are made in the United States by Lander Industries Inc. Her boots are regarded as a full replacement for the conventional shoes. You make two different boots and an adhesive, which are available in different eye-catching colours. All boots need a naturally barefooted hoof with low heels, low heels, and curled heels.

It is a new, small Aussie firm that makes a one-of-a-kind shoe. Manufactured from TPU (strong thermoplastic urethane) with fastening belts that hold in any area.

Will not get damp or hard when driving through damp or slippery terrains; No wires or hook and loop fasteners; Lightweight - only 250g (8 ounces) per boots; Easily cleanable; No adjustments necessary as securing is obtained by non-growing hoof parts; No hoof turning on; Fits safely through a full triming cycle; Good air circulation and breathing activity for warm climates.

It is a Norvegian firm, but its boots are on sale in many different markets, as well as in the USA and Canada. You make three different kinds of boots: Use: Equine with Laminitis or for other kinds of rehab. It can also be used for horse back rides. They can be dispatched anywhere in the world (and the British provider can also provide installation manuals to UK and German clients if required.

The SHB is the first hoof shoe manufactured for the entire Europe forty years. Characteristics: made of flexible, hard-wearing synthetic material with excellent grip characteristics; can be warmed up when first adapted to the hoof for a firm, firm grip; can also be opened in front of or behind the hoof, or both, for ovals (longer than wide) or both, and can be used for side or media side or both, to be level with the hoof area. Only boots on the marked which have no woven material in their design, which offers benefits in damp environments and longevity.

Cavallo, located in Canada, manufactures four hoof shoes which are delivered directly to Canada and the USA. You also have dealers all over the globe who deliver boots in their nationalities. It is a newer firm that makes the one shoe that is usually used for therapeutical use. Characteristics: The soft-ride gel orthosis adapts to the hoof and supports it.

It is probably the best-known footwear manufacturer in the USA and you also have the largest choice of boots. Perfect for driving in mud or on damp gras and snows. Usage: If your stallion looses a pair of shoes on the way, it can also be used for hoof abscesses.

It is not for horseback rides. If, by chance, you buy the incorrect shoe sizes or find that you don't like a particular make (and you can't return it), visit the hoof shoe replacement page. It is also a good place to buy used boots at a reduced rate.

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