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The JFC is a horse specialist offering a portfolio of horse products and equipment to help horse owners and stable managers care for their horses. A good digestion of the horse is crucial for the performance of all horses. Find out how the horse's digestive system should function with proper care. From the bloodstock to high-quality sport horses, including liability insurance, we offer tailor-made solutions for the global bloodstock and horse industry. Attend Derby House today for a wide selection of horse blankets, riding clothes, riding caps and boots, as well as quality riding equipment.

Horse World UK

Horse gear and apparel, care of lawn and stable animals, horse husbandry, feed, horse welfare and diseases. Infomation about horse-wear, upholstery, horse advice and horse backrest. Informations about a multitude of horse sport like horse races, training, demonstrations and more.

Providing information on the various professions related to the horse, together with the necessary skills, education and work.

Horses & Pony Insurance Quotes

Horse or bangs can be a big money to invest and it is important to have health care when something happens. More information on the various available schemes can be found in our "Guidelines" section. You can find the answers in our horse FAQ if you have any further questions.

Also we offer useful advice and tricks on various subjects around the horse, such as nutrition, care, saddling and travel. after a horseback ride for you. From horse due to accident/illness/illness. The performance is capped at 50% for 13 years and older ponies. If the horse dies or you are hospitalized. Hacking, gymnastic, show, horse carriage rides, pony and ride club shows, horse breed, show jumps, training, heavy horse and foal over 30 buis.

The deductible is 159 for all sectors except veterinary charges, where it is 17. For the full list of admission requirements, please read the text of the horse insurance policies.

Blankets, boots, ladies jodhpurs by Premier Equine

It is a label that has been influenced by equestrians, horse owners and horse riding pros. We are proud to be part of the horse riding community and to provide what we believe is best for them. "with a Premier Equine and the result. It is of amazing qualitiy, looks good and suits well.

"Purchasing with Premier Equine is always a good thing. They' re excellenty made. "Prime Minister Equine carpets are excellent. There is a great fitting of bangs and horse. This carpet is a great help to my horses."

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