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She is an excellent trail horse; she is brave on the trails and great to walk over or through obstacles. Horses for sale. Catering available in Medford or Bohemia. We sell spectacular horses!

Are you looking for a quality horse and a lifelong friend, this is the place to be.

Horse for sale

Every single one of our horses we suggest to buy from Katie and Lee, we not only bought a nice one for our little girl, but we also got a great after-care! In the initial phase Misty decided to test us when he got accustomed to living his new lifestyle with us, he got used to pick out his legs, which was a frustration and he was not a great fan of the blacksmith!

Being the first owner of a stallion was a problem for us, but Katie and Lee immediately asked us to have Misty back to help us and he spent a few nights in what we called'Boot Camp'! Well, we can't thank Katie and Lee enough for their help and encouragement.

He is an absolutely enjoyable person and we cannot conceive a lifetime without him, he has adapted to his new lifestyle with us and is enjoying his experience, he loves our little girl and we are preparing him to compete with him later this year!

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Driving in English and Westerns. Does a slower westernjogging and slower lobe or can expand and speak more English. She' s a very varied little girl with a great deal to do! Loved to leap and get on the track. A little skipper, horses/ponies for rent, Can't say enough about this great young beaut!

Extremely well poised never adopts the incorrect guidance, very optimistic about fencing, currently training 2'6 much higher to go with running performance. There' s no trucks, no haunting.


LO OS ALAMITO'S RACECOURSE, CYPRESS, ¦. Led by the six-digit sale of the brood mares Annas Babe and Dont Pass Bar, which were awarded an 11th place. Growth in turnover of 5% compared to 2016 sale. In all, 230 horses were purchased for a combined price of $4,739,000 over the two-day period, compared to 221 horses traded in 2016 for $4,251,300.

All in all, the sales prices were $20,604, up 7. 1% from the sales prices of $19,237 2016. Altogether 205 years old sells for an intersection of $19,831, an increment of 5% from the $18,900 sales intersection during last year's sale. Let's take a look at was the sale of toppers during last year's sale, while the big-ticket mares this year were Annas Babe for selling $145,000 and Dontpass bar for $102,000 topped.

In all, 18 broodmares were auctioned for an annual price of $29,117, 17% more than the $24,981 in 2016, when 16 broodmares were solicited. AJS Annas Smoke, the mother of the Governorâs Cup Futurity Champion, was the $145,000 high salesman of the week-end after JGA Racing Stables bought the 8-year-old brood mare from Firth Ranch, agent for the MacPherson Trust Dispersal on Sunday.

A Regal CHOICE and out of the straightfly special Babe On The Fly Annas Babe is a half-sister of the class 1 winner Little Talks and Rock You. Sells with a 2018 seperatist foetus. "Anna's babe gave birth to the very good sepatist filly (AJS Anna Smoke) and when we saw her selling we were interested.

She' ll go to James Ranch, where Apollitical Jess is. We' re looking for good broodmares and see if we can get some good kittens here in Los Alamitos. "JGA Racing Stables also bought an Annas Babe foetus from One Famous Eagle for $57,000. These embryos and also AJS Anna Secret were handed over by Firth Ranch, agent for the MacPherson Trust Dispersal.

Steven and Jo Rae Burns of Burns Ranch bought Hip 259 Dont Pass Bar for $102,000 to make it the second highest selling bar on the week-end. Allred by Ed Allred, Dont Passport Bar is the mother of the 2015 winning Quirky and comes from the Los Alamitos Winter Derby Class 1 offspring Ynot Work.

A 10-year-old filly by A Regal Chice and out of the Chicks Beduino filly Ynot Bar, sells with a Stel Corona and a Favorite Cartelembryos. Junior's Quarter Horses bought Hip 215 Special Of Course, a filly by Walk Thru Fire and out of the straightfly special filly Special And Proud, for $100,000 on Sunday to make him the best-selling foal of the week.

Of the Ed Allred delivery, Special Of Course is a full-brother to Sales Topper, third place Grade 1 Ed Burke Million Futurity and a Grade 1 Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity, Grade 2 Golden State Derby and Limited Grade 3 Governorâs Cup Derby finals. The Rosenthal Ranch Trust bought Hip 198 for $90,000 on Sunday for Hip 198 Poweful Favorite, a filly by Favorite Cartel and remember Me Rose.

The Revenant is a full rival of Burns Ranch, the third place finishers in Class 2 PCQHRA Greeders Futurity and Limited Grade 2 Governorâs Cup Futurity. Mighty favoriteâs dam, Remember Me Rose, won the Grade 1 Ruidoso Derby and Grade 2 Sunland Park Winter Futurity and Grade 2 John Deere Juvenile Challenge on the way to $820,895 in repossession.

The Rosenthal Ranch also bought Hip 220 Seein Starz for $70,000 from Burns Ranch, agent for Lila Kessinger. Shortly afterwards Villalobo's hip bought 179 bucks in time for $50,000. Foose's foal is out of the Champion Broodmare Running in Time. He is a full bro to Class 3 La Primera Del Ano Derby and PCQHRA Breeders Derby Champion. He is also a half sibling of the Checknbac series.

The three of them were acquired from the Burns Ranch. FAWNNA KNIGHT buys HIP 239 Summertime Babe for $85,000 from the Burns Ranch show on Sunday. Foose and Babe On The Flying, Summertime Favorite is a half-sister to the already mentioned Grade 1 winner Little Talks and Rock You and the winner of Stake's titles, namely Fly Thru The Fire, Carne Vino, JM Specialwynn and Wrap You Up.

The other bestselling offspring on Sunday were Hip 216 Proudly Special, a filly by Walk Thru Fire and out of Special And Proud, which was sold for $50,000 by John Andreini and Vince Genco; Hip 303 Improvise, a filly by Walk Thru Fire and out of Coronas Rouge, which was sold by Demler, Nichols and Thompson Racing Inc.

and Hip 323 AJS Annas Smoke, the 2016 Governorâs Cup Futurity Champion, who was acquired by Ron Hartley and John Cooper for $50,000. Allred was the lead purchaser after the purchase of 11 horses for a combined price of $311,500. The second-largest purchaser was Carmen Villalobos with six horses for $259,000, while JGA Racing Stables acquired three horses for $220,000.

My Burns Ranch, Agent was the second largest shipper with 31 heads going for $722,700, while Firth Ranch, Agent was the third largest shipper with 23 heads going for $557,200. Burn's ranch also oversubscribed 18 heads for $543,000, while Lazy E Ranch, LLC, agent for John Andreini oversubscribed 10 heads for $373,000.

The Lazy C Ranch also acted as an agency for seven other mail order companies that made it into the top 20. Los Alamitos has been the nation's leading Quarter Horse circuit since 1951 and home to four over $1 million runs, with only $2 million of Quarter Horse guarantee - the Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity.

The other million dollars racing in Los Alamitos are the Golden State Million Futurity, the Ed Burke Million Futurity and the Los Alamitos Super Derby. Also home to the $750,000 Champion of Champions is Los Alamitos.

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