Equine Ice Boots

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Game Ready and Ice Horse systems are also available. Big Dee's wide range of therapeutic accessories for horses. The Equine Ice Boots for eventers and other riders who know the value of proper care of their horse's legs.

Ice Tough 1 boat, black

The One Stop Equine Shop. "currentDimCombID ":""", "pageRefreshRefactor":1, "useVariationsOverlay":0, "asinToDimIndexMapData":{}, "twisterMarkImageLoad":1, "storeID": "sporting-goods"}; //selectively do not escape. toReturn; }); Simple and quick application of cryotherapy. Remains smooth when frostbitten and adapts to the horse's legs. Ideal for the treatment of Arthritischen joint, Weichteile, tendons and volumes. Mates with lower thigh or ankle joint. Fill it with textbooks, DVD's, clothing, electronic devices and more.

Iceboots - Cool boots

Equine ice boots offer a simple and efficient way to keep your horse's feet cold to help relieve inflammations and thus help relieve or avoid post-training trauma. Freezing and chilling your horse's feet can also improve blood flow, which can help your equine to be prepared for movement and decrease the risks of damage.

According to requirements, ice cream therapeutic shoes can be made for the whole lower thigh of the equine or certain parts or ankles.

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Ice boots are bought on a regular basis by event riders who know how important the correct care of the horse's feet is. To reduce the likelihood of injuries and pain, we use boots or ice compresses after the stadion and cross-country skiing phase. The Four Star Eventing Gear wears ice boots for equestrian sport, which are produced by many different firms.

Choosing the best ice hockey shoes for equine ice cream depends on your personal budgets and what you want to use them for.

Cryotherapy for horses and horsemen

The suspending-wraps cover the whole area of the cannons, fetlocks and fetlocks just below the knees and lie on the coronal strap over the whole length of the suspension strap........ Developed for the treatment of back pain in the horse, which is particularly frequent in competitive stallions. The contours offer maximal cover of shoulders and shoulders, along the spinal column and above the sacroiliac hinge........

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Described by Horses Journal as a fundamental saddle chamber instrument for horses' saddlebox. Unparalleled triple tread pattern covers the horse's ankle from coronary band to tiptoe with ice, offering cool compressive support for the management of laminitis and alleviation of stress in hoofs or wounds without aqueous dirt.

Velcro® is packed directly onto the shoe - no more fumbling around with bags. The silicone outsole provides comforts, grip and stability, while elastic belts place the boots around the horse's heel. Anti-skid caoutchouc insole with the possibility to use the outsole with a key or a base of your choosing. The ice wraps adapt to the hooves of the hoof and remain cool for over 2 h.

Re-usable ice cubes. Once you're done, just put your backpacks back in the fridge. Velcro® fasteners are placed especially to ensure a safe and firm seat.

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