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Keeping your horse healthy or helping him to recover faster with our affordable offers for horse therapy equipment. Show Closeout ItemsShow all Closeout Items. Horse Therapy Products & Equipment - Cutters Schneider has the largest selection of therapeutic devices for horses in the world. Caring for your horses before and after a show is critical to their happiness, health and ability to perform. Delivering the right everyday treatment routines reduces the chance of injuries, improves overall outcomes and minimizes recuperation times in the case of injuries.

Our wide range of equine therapeutic devices guarantees your complete horse's comfort so that it can operate 100 per cent during a strict timetable. There are many different non-invasive therapeutic options available for horses, according to the problem area. Cooling treatment for equine devices reduces puffiness, pain and infections caused by injuries or heavy training.

Our range includes packs for knees and hooves, ankle boot, full wrap for horses and compress wrap, which minimise pains and improve perfusion. Magnetotherapy for horses is another tried and tested way of accelerating regeneration. With our magnet foils, compresses, blankets and other devices we are able to encourage the transfusion of our products to the damaged areas, which will help the healings.

When you are looking for a preventive equine care, ceramics therapies use far infra-red radiation (FIR) to enhance blood flow through warmth, keeping the muscle temperature and relaxation so that it is less strenuous. Dura-Tech®, Pressure-Ice®, Lux Certificate Therapy®, UltraFlex and other well-known brand names are the source of our portable equine therapies.

Besides these highly appreciated and efficient therapeutic solutions, we also have new product lines such as TheraPlate for whole-body vertebral waves and LASERwrap?, which uses advanced lasers to improve perfusion and oxygen supply. They can order a full range of horse armbands, nappies and sleeve pads that offer hold and shelter.

Each of these premier equine therapies are offered at the best price by a business with 70 years of experience in count value, innovativeness and dedication to the market.

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