Equine Jumping Boots

Jumping boots for horses

Leather ThinLine Jumper / Eq. front boots. safety boots, rail boots, jumping boots & wraps It' s easily mistaken when you look at so many different kinds of boots and different kinds of boots. In this section we will talk about a number of boots, their usual name and use. Split pin or brush boots can be used on the front or hind limbs of the horses.

They are designed to avoid the trapezoid bones being injured when the other feet hit the inside of the feet.

Track boots offer shelter for the horses and are ideal for general workout, lounge or trailer-racing. They can be equipped with an affordable lightweight wetsuit rail boots or cowhide boots padded with genuine cowhide for more challenging use. Bootees or ankle boots are carried on the horse's back limbs to prevent them from being brushed and are most frequently used by show jumping horses.

Squat boots and kneeboots made of wetsuit are used to perspire an area that has been strained by injuries or exercise. Cushioned ankle boots also exist to protect horses while cushioned knees protect them when they ride on paving streets.

There are different versions of bells boots or over-reach boots. They were initially called "pulling boots with bells". Later, the Velcro Bell Boot and the Double Velcro Bell Boot were launched to facilitate the mooring of the horses. Boot bells adjust around the lower cuff of the forefeet to avoid injuries caused by overlapping.

Usually used for jumping or other fast-paced activities. To avoid injuries and to minimize the risk of a horseshoe being ripped off, we gladly exhibit our boot-boots. Cuffs, also called anti-brushes, are placed around the cuffs of the hindquarters. Avoid over tightening the restraint ring as it must move.

An open front jumping boot protects a horse's sinews by not hitting the back of its front limb with a heel. As the name suggests, open jumping boots are often used in show jumping. Ship boots are used to avoid personal injury while hitching your dog. A lot of damage occurs when trailers are used, so these boots are definitely a worthwhile purchase.

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