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A fast bay chestnut jumps over a rotten canine.

Jumping Horses - Local Classifieds, For Sale in Derbyshire

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Cause we know how difficult it is to find inexpensive training jumps. Wooden training jumps for sale at reasonable prices. Balance on collection or arrival (balance must be checked before leaving the property). They are all made of processed timber, unless otherwise indicated, and must be dried (4-6 week in spring, 8-10 week in winter) before they can be painted or stained.

As a good general principle, if you can soak the timber in running tap fluid, the colour is finished. When it remains in droplets on the top, the lumber must be dried more. The jumps are constructed according to your wishes, the turnaround takes 5-10 working day. "6 "6" board, 8' 6" board, 10' 6" board, 12' 8" board, 8' 8" board, 10' 8" board, 12' 10" board, 8' 10" board, 10' 10" board, 12' 15" goal, 8' 15" goal, 10' 15" goal,

10' 18" roll top (w00d), 8' 24" roll top (wood), 8' 30" roll top (wood), 8' 18" roll top (lawn), 8' 24" roll top (lawn), 8' 30" roll top (lawn), 8' More information: At the moment we do not sell cup jumpers. The photographs shown are samples of jumps we have made, they are not ready-made jumps for sale.

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