Equine Nutrition Australia

Equity Nutrition Australia

The course introduces the basics of the horse's digestive physiology and nutrition. Horse Nutrition & Health - my.UQ The course introduces the basics of the horse's digestion and nutrition. We apply this know-how to the feed and nutrition control of our equines in order to optimize their fitness and nutrition. Nutrition-based disturbances as well as their stewardship and prophylaxis are debated.

It also covers other public health issues such as transportation and biosafety.

Horse nutrition, horse health, natural care certification

The course provides training in equine nutrition, ergonomics, healthcare and economics, enabling graduates to build a company in equine nutrition or integrate this expertise into the world of work today. - to develop its equine nutrition activities, - to carry out a nutrition evaluation, - to offer customers logic nutrition consulting.

Charges: then 3 installments of $405.00 per month due. The course fee is included in the price: Non-underwritten costs: text books.come: - Have a fundamental knowledge of your company's history and how to market your products and services. Principal case study - health analysis, therapy performance and evaluation. The course fee is included in the price: Patient fee, Health Assessment Pack.

Who we are - Equity Horse Nutrition

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Nerida Richards, when she recognised the need for nutritional advice and assistance, Equity Horses Nutrition Pty Ltd was founded. Customers of EQUILILIZE HOSE Nutrition range from domestic and foreign animal nutrition and supplements producers to third level training facilities and large farms. Our goal at EQUILILIZE HOSE Nutrition is to offer our customers high-quality and expert consulting and training solutions that help them build and sustain profitable and prosperous equine companies.

She is an enthusiastic rider and enthusiastic scholar. Nurida was raised on a bovine estate just outside Tamworth NSW, Australia. Nerida's countryside education gave it a solid foundation in animal husbandry, animal welfare and riding. She also aroused great interest in the Australian agricultural industry. Mr. Nerida graduated with a doctorate in horse nutrition.

Dr Richards established Horse Nutrition Pty Ltd in 2003 when she recognised the need for expert, scientifically based and impartial horse nutrition consultancy in Australia. She is currently the research journalist for the Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition in Australia Conference and is invited to present paper on equine nutrition to the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, the Australian Veterinary Journal and the New Zealand Veterinary Journal.

Her work has been widely publicized, she has been a guest lecturer at symposia and is currently writing for various riding journals and web sites.

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