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Nutritional supplements and products for health conscious equines We are an audit member of the National Animal Supplement Council and are proud to show the NASC label of excellence by maintaining high standards and making sure our produce is inspected for product safety and cleanliness. Every one of our staff is dedicated to providing the best possible support for you and your horses through our commitment to providing the best possible advice and information to consumers. Do not hesitate to send us any comment, suggestion or question.

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Kauffman's, A Daniel Baum Company, has been a reliable producer and distributor of food and dietary supplementation for equine use since the founding of the business in 1978. Our expertise goes back several dozen years in delivering the best equine dietary supplement in the world. Equine nutrition is particularly useful for those healthy states that can be controlled or regulated by the horse's nutrition.

We have food supplement for equine joint, hoof, digestive, fear, muscle healthy, body fat, dryness, coat dryness and more. Many years of equine handling expertise throughout the entire nation have enabled us to concentrate on our core business of good physical condition and wellbeing. Food additives are made from high quality materials that give your equine animal the best nutrition for its needs.

Your pony is important to you, we know that. That is why we do our best to make sure that we can help you keep your horses in top condition for you. By choosing Kauffman's Animal Hair, you get safer and more efficient equine nutritional supplementation designed and produced in our state-of-the-art, American-based facility.

You will never have to be concerned about your equine healthcare product being fed with hazardous substances or produced to low standard. Kauffman's Animal Health, Inc. provides a full line of equine nutrition solutions that contain optimum amounts of nutritionally effective, nutritionally effective nutritional compounds to help maximise equine nutritional value, efficiency and wellbeing. Explore our wide range of pet care preparations, which include those for optimum health of hooves, fur, skin, joints and digestion, and see why Kauffman's Pet Care has won the esteem and loyal support of consumers across the state.

Browse our equine dietary supplement listings by the following criteria: If you are an expert equine lover and know the exact nutrition your equine needs to maintain optimum levels of fitness, please browse our range of equine nutrition and nutrition brands by model. You will find formulations with foods designed for fear, a healthy fur and a healthy complexion, better bowel movements, lessxiety and more.

Although certain dietary supplementation may help inhibit or alleviate certain disease related problems, you may need a dietary equine supplement to solve a particular short-term problem. Discover formulas to help with sores, joints wounds, tears, and more. Component Types - Supplementary components such as granulated 3, glycosamine, copper and/or zink help improve overall wellbeing.

They can give your horses the optimum and healthy nutrition they deserve by supplementing their nutrition with certain nutritional substances. Kauffman's Animal Health is your resource when it comes to premium grade raw materials produced to the highest safety standard. When others are failing, our dietary supplement products are successful - just take a look at our reviews and see for yourself.

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