Equine Performance Products

Performance Products

In order to guarantee maximum effectiveness, our products are developed on the basis of the latest research results. The Equine Performance is a unique blend of whole foods and other ingredients that can help horses train, travel or compete: The Equine Performance Products, Minot, North Dakota. Ice Vibe products such as sport Vibe blankets, Ice Vibe boots, ionic blankets and leg wraps. Take full advantage of your horse's potential with Equine Performance Supplements.

Horse performance: The products and trends that make the difference on the market

When you ask 100 equestrian enthusiasts to name what they consider to be the most important products or tendencies of the last two decade, you will receive 100 different responses. Now let us say that it's okay if you don't approve of me on my two most important performance decisions.

Two of the most powerful things I've ever wrote about for the Horse Journal are the Game Ready Cold-Compression System, a device designed to help keep riders healthy and competetive, and the "learned helplessness", a workout approach that has evolved in reaction to the dramatic rise in the number of unexperienced riders and owners of equestrian sports.

I have used dozens of products in Horse Journal experiments, and all but one were either variants to a bigger topic or were designed for a small alcove. However, I believe that only the GAM is quite literally a gameswitch, a non-invasive tool that can cure a multitude of wounds and help avoid tenderness.

Terrible thing is not a product: Learning to be helpless is a method of exercise developed in the name of making a secure or "bomb-proof" stable. Inside, the coach or horseman attempts to eliminate the horse's riding, essentially through spiritual or bodily dominance. It' s too shame that the Game Ready system is too costly ($3,199 and more; rent $450 a week) because I always want one in my shed.

The first Game Ready sessions for sport clubs were produced in the 90' as their coaches found the advantages. Game Ready has spread into the equestrian realm over the last ten years. At the same time, the learnt powerlessness is a kind of philosphy that we keep out of our shed. It should not be a matter of denying their reflections and strength when exercising them.

But this kind of workout has become frighteningly widespread. Hilflosigkeit is a state that was first discovered in man in the mid-1960s after investigations with canines. Kid has learnt that he has no grip on his destiny, and he just gives up. This method is based on dominance, penalty and fatigue for the education of horse.

Coaches " long for death " to carry the horse; they rid it with the head stuck in its chest (with or without rein or other devices); they repeat the same exercise and do not pardon any mistakes; they rid it only in close touch or in a collective posture, without allowing it to extend, release or look around; they blame it every single moment they step on a bow tie or respond to a new noise; they use the bits and strains only as blame or penalty; they use the bits and straps only as a reminder or penalty.

We do not propose that the other extremely admitting stallions should act as they wish - that is also true. Actually, it's even more risky to let the horse proliferate. As with so much in our lives, horse riding is about striking a balance - more like educating kids. What's tricky about horse riding is that they have to show us that they can love us, but they shouldn't be afraid of what we'll do with them.

The majority of saddlers and coaches have become much more conscious of how important it is that a seat fits snugly on a saddle. This is due in part to the fact that saddlers have raised consciousness of the needs of their clients and banking clients, and in part to the fact that the number and training of vets, practitioners of chiropractic and bodyworkers - those who have to do with saddles that do not match - has risen.

In my opinion, an enormous innovative feature was the variable oesophagus system that was first launched just over a decade ago. Overall, our support for equestrian sports has significantly increased over the past ten years. We have become conscious of the tough work of tournament ponies and have created a variety of products as well as veterinarian and alternate treatments to help them.

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