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Farrier Product Distributions becomes distributor for SBS horse products | 2015-06-09-09

Shelbyville, Ky. - Farrier Product Distributions (FPD) today announces that it has signed an alliance to become an important sales partner for SBS Equine Product, a leader in the manufacture of high-quality horse foot care for the equine world. The FPD celebrates 25 years as a wholesaler for farriers and related horse wares.

You are a distribution partner of Kerckhaert Horseshoes, Ranger Horseshoes and Liberty Nails in the United States. In 1985, SBS was co-founded by Dr. Richard Shakalis and Dr. John Pautienis; they were regarded as the founders of advanced farrier sealing agents for their work in the development of adhesive technologies from dentistry and their application in the horse industries.

Further information on the FPD marketed product can be found at www.farrierproducts.com.

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