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Horse health products and supplements help maintain the health and well-being of horses. Headquartered in New Jersey, Hope Equine is one of the leading suppliers of equine products. The Kentucky Equine Research offers a wide range of horse feeds and nutritional supplements based on decades of experience and first-class horse nutrition research. "The RES Equine Products" offers a range of protective articles for horses with interchangeable Velcro fasteners. Veterinarians trust us when it comes to horse health.

Horse Products - Jacks Inc.

Jacks has something to offer for every kind of horses and every event with over 9.000 skis. Jacks has everything you need, from English to Western, from standard to thoroughbred. Headquartered in London, Jacks is proud to own the proprietary Ball Solution® Liniment, McTarnahans® and Feather-Weight® product lines.

It is our constant ambition to deliver the products our customers need.

Cushions, saddle pads, cyinches

  • flat prop that provides the same level of prop cover at the anklebone. The No-Turn button is used to avoid twisting while providing more safety. Titanium bellboots have an unbelievably tough shell and a smooth inner liner made of flexible polyurethane foams for outstanding comfort and safety. Ph-Neutral Pad Cleaner - save for your 100% PUR PAD!

Excellent cleansing for cotton and other kinds of upholstery. Decomposes and soothes the hard scab, perspiration, dirt and sebum. Eliminate surplus coat with a 5-star foam or gum combs. Moisten your 5 stars valance thoroughly with hot tapas. Apply the cleanser directly to the bottom of the saddlecloth until it is fully soaked.

Leave for up to 30 min., then remove the scab and bristles and rinse well with a soft cloth of hot or cold running hot or cold running cold or hot tub. Wash off under slight caution. 4-6 Pods per cylinder. 5 StarkKeep TIPS your valance neatly through the dandruff time.

5 Star Equine, maker of the world's best all-natural seat cushions and cornets.

It adapts well to the back of my horse and provides the necessary relaxation at the paw. They are so smooth but very strong and they are so easily cleaned. I' ve tried other kinds of felt cushions, but he was very unfortunate and once I put them on he's very comfy and laid-back.

There is no 5-star-design. She is choosy, so I want to get the best for her & to make her run. I' ve been hearing so many great things about the 5-starpad & I'd like one! I' ve had to fight my filly for almost a year.

When I spent tens of thousand bucks to find a real saddle/cushion combination, I tried a 5-star and was immediately thrilled. I have a tougher, better timing and a happy and relaxing filly.

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