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The SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program in mouth paste and granules is available from many online retailers in the USA. AAA We look forward to welcoming you in August! The IRS is awaiting a definitive decision on the legitimacy of these programmes, but we do not anticipate a response from them until after the fair in August. This may be a disappointment, but we look forward to the many exciting and imaginative possibilities we will have at this year's show to help each other flourish in the horse world.

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And don't miss our proven domestic catalogues and web sites that have a wide range of Weaver' branded leathers tacks right at your doorstep. Weaver Gold Star Weaver dealers stock the largest range of Weaver leathers, with Weaver Exclusive articles, Nylons, Poly Leashes, Straps and more.

Weaver Silver Star Weaver dealers stock a good range of Weaver merchandise, such as Weaver Exclusive articles, nylons, poly leashes, straps and more, but not as many different articles as Gold Star dealers. Weaver Weaver Bronze Star Weaver dealers offer Weaver Exclusive articles, Nylons, Poly Leashes, Straps and other Weaver articles in a smaller range than Gold or Silver Star Retailer.

Shapley's Superior Equine Grooming Products :: retail trader

Enriched with tea tree oil and lemon grass, this excellent grooming shampoo will help your equine with delicate skins and problems. Medicare odours clear and crisp and leaves your equine calm behind. You can help your stallion look good all year round by allowing him to get dried before he is thrown out. Shapley's is honoured to be supporting equestrian sports in all fields!

Shapley travelled to Kentucky thispring for the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Tour.

The equine fodder retailers strive for added value

Suamico - A mare is of course a mare, unless you know a mare like Windenoak tail and feeder proprietor Jessica Saari, of course. Illinois-born Saari has made it her goal to expand on the already well-established 14500 Velp Ave. stake she acquired in 2014.

In order to do this, she has siphoned off the commercial assets of the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and established links with the region's equine world. A graduate of collegiate horse training and horse psychology, Saari worked in various areas of the horse industries before her man Brett was offered a position in Green Bay in 2013. In May 2014 she purchased Tammy's Tack and Feed from Tammy Bohl.

It specialises in feeding horses and equipment for British and West horses, but also provides food for hounds, kittens, cats, hens, small domestic mammals and other domestic mammals. Whilst expanding some products for equestrian equipment and feeding piping in the shop, Saari said the greatest input she could make to the shop was her knowledge and extensive equine work.

Mr. Saari graduated in economics and economics from the University of Applied Sciences, but was looking for help in learning the fundamentals of doing good at the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College School.

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