Equine Rider Accessories

Equipment Rider Accessories

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Australian Equine Rider Accessories - Handmade Neckties for the Rider

The rider's neckties are one of a kind. Handmade in Australia. The Equine Rider Accessories is specialized in rider neckties. I myself was looking for something different when ERA was borne in Australia in 2002. This was a big break in the square for high end, original necklace design.

I' ve begun with just a few styles and have meanwhile expanded to over 100 different ties available. Since then, in additon to the hand-made inventory, I have added other items and brand names to my stables, among them equine tool cases, equine jewelry, equine chord boot, earplugs and the Equine Couture and Tuffrider product lines.

Equestrian accessories - For the rider

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