Equine Rubber Horse Shoes

Horse Equine Rubber Shoes

Horseshoes optimise the horse's health and performance. Rubber-coated steel horseshoes offer many advantages. Favoured by coach horses, mounted police and on steep and slippery roads. This is a safe and solid shoe for every equestrian sport.

The Polyflex range includes over 10 models of shoes for equine riders in all events, classes and clinics. If you want to find out if your horse is a Polyflex competitor & to choose the best boot, click here to find out more.

Find the only adhesive directly on the horse shoes that strengthens the hooves innate shock-absorbing mecanism. The Polyflex range includes over 10 models for equine riding in all fields, performances and clinics. If you want to find out if your horse is a Polyflex horse & to choose the best boot, click here to find out more.

Polyflex footwear's real value lies in the way it is used. If you are an experienced blacksmith, new to the job or somewhere in between - we give you a step-by-step guide and a personal support to deliver constant, succesful results.

At Polyflex, we believe in a high level of personalized, top of the line support you can rely on. Call today to place an order and become a Polyflex client. Each horse earns the opportunity for success. "If it hadn't been for you and your shoes, this fantasy wouldn't have come true!"

Non-metallic Horseshoes & Boots Product Overview 2014 and 2014-11-10

Stick any adhesive on your shoes, urethan or rubber shoes to your hooves efficiently. Over the years, the technologies for bonding plastic shoes and plastic shoes have been tried, adjusted and re-tested. If properly trained, any professionally trained farrier can use these products with good results. This is the most versatile street shoes ever!

Durable horseshoe for working on the sidewalk. Using a metal boot that you form and pin on the horse. Sketch side ties, turn paragraphs, insert a cardiac beam, etc.; do whatever the horse needs. If necessary, replace or turn the horse and only tarnish it with the genuine horse tail when it is due.

Remuda Tires outlasts any other polyurethan tyre it has tried. The results show significant cost reductions and their blacksmiths have reported significantly better farrier ratios. Make a Superfast with Equi-Pak in the Caudale area and frogsupport. Do you think Vettec can help you resolve a Hoof Issue?

EasyShoe can also be used to compensate for chronical signs of thin sidewalls, delicate heel, crotch tears, sluggish foot development and inverted palm corners. EasyShoe styles remain on the hooves throughout the whole trim process and can be tacked or bonded.

Easy's slippers are an adhesive horse shoe that helps protect and breed healthy hoofs for happy animals. Made of a hardwearing, elastic band with integrated seesaw and break over adjustment. This is a mixture of strength and convenience. The Ollov Original is a composite horse shoe made of a rubber coated metal body.

It gives the hooves strength and makes them easier to form and nails. Rubber absorbing shocks and vibrations. It is this unique blend that makes Ollov an excellent horse shoe. The Ollov offers a similar handle as the unharnessed foot and thus supports the horse's walk naturally. The Ollov is a proven and tested material, easily applied and keeps a regular footwear time.

It has a strong metal center that gives the hooves strength and makes them easier to form and nails. Long-lasting and lasts a long time. This is a special adhesive that reinforces the hooves' inherent shock-absorbing properties. Familiar with major equine hospitals and stud companies.

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