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VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE: World' s oldest online horse marketplace, est. Horse For Sale Online Auctions Classifieds. You can download the sales catalogue online at www.equinesalesofla.com.

When you see the "Bid" at the end of the offer you wish to place a bids on, you must click this icon to submit your application!

When you see the "Bid" at the end of the offer you wish to place a bids on, you must click this icon to submit your application! This must be done for every sales order! The immediate fully comprehensive cover applies to the entire purchasing auctions.

Insurance taken out by the sales manager (addis equine auctions) with C. Jarvis Insurance Agency Inc, Solon, OH, remains in force until the buyer has signed the agreement or until the middle night of the first working night after the transaction, whichever comes first, until whichever date the new proprietor is obliged to agree on a lasting cover on request.

Preliminary Deadlines for the 2018 Sale

At Utah State University, this information is categorized as proprietary /internal and is not disclosed. If you have any questions about your personal information, please contact the Information Securities Office of Utah State University at 435-797-8410. The Utah State University respects our customers' personal safety and confidentiality. X-rays for certain types of horse are available on demand.

That is, if within the last two seconds (120 seconds) of the end timer setting, the remainder of the timer is extended by two inches. During the last two seconds (120 seconds) of the two-minute increment, the remainder of the increment is extended by another two inches.

The Utah State University provides Coggins test results, a health certificate (for equine patients moving out of Utah), the latest vaccine levels, enrollment documents and a trademark inspection of the owner on collection. We sell all our ponies "as is". "The purchasers are warned and ordered to thoroughly inspect the horse before purchase.

No warranties are given as to the condition, predisposition and/or fitness for the use of the equine in the proposed use. You must pick up all your ponies within ten (10) consecutive working nights after the end of the year. Dedicated day/time of collection must be planned at least 48 hrs in advanced (final goal of those that leave Utah must be indicated at this point in timeframe in order to have timeframe for the health certificate to be issued).

Sales of all ponies are conditional on compliance with or exceedance of a predetermined fee. All efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the sales information.

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