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Protective natural film Traditional cut. If the blanket or blanket is too tight, it can cause your horse extreme discomfort or, worse still, injury. To find out, download this fact sheet. Wipes for use under bandages. In this leaflet you will find recommendations for the preparation of the weaning foal, weaning, care and management of the weaning horse.

Overcooled CCD for equidae

Out of all the circumstances that can influence the articulations of young fillies and youngsters, OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) offers a wealth of turbid water to be navigated through. Are all young dressage and laming youngsters OCD? A recently released survey paper made it clear: "OC signifies the early stages of the illness, while OCD mirrors changes of a subordinate nature that lead to the formation of cartilaginous flaps or fragments of the osteochondrum. 1 In other words, the onset of bone is when the chondrocyte does not pass correctly into the bones.

These OC-cells dissolve either (1) in young stock, or (2) the state deteriorates to such an extent that chondrocytes can develop into skeletal cartilages that become skeletal degeneration.

Horse ceramics & horse magnetotherapy -

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Back on Track Ceramic Mesh Sheet - Calming infra-red heat to relieve pains in rigid, wounded or overstrained musculature of the equine. All Back on Track sheets and covers work equally and can be used by all riders - from fun to racing and all disciplines of Olympianism.

They are made from state-of-the-art Welltex fabrics that reflect your horse's naturally warmth and produce a pleasant infra-red heat (the horses do not overheat, but it can cause perspiration to relax and soothe wounded or infected muscles). Thermic heat promotes your horse's circulatory system and aids your horse's muscle recovery, relaxation and less inflammation.

Sheets can be used as a lining under your own ceiling when it is freezing. Even when the product ends up in the tumble drier, Back on Track's Welltex fabric never loses its efficacy. The Back on Track product is not comparable to magnetotherapy. It is medically proven that the Back on Track heat treatment is effective.

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