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Shopping online from a wide selection at One Stop Equine Shop. In our Online Tack Shop you will find everything you need for riding, racing & yard. The Equine Essentials Tack Shop, Kingston, Massachusetts. The one-stop-shop for all your equestrian needs with a nail studio in the shop!

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Breathtaking bridles and accessories from Dy'on, Just Equine and KM AliteProduct. We' ve also selected the best ingredients for your horses. Protect your horses with our top quality mosquito repellent range. Luxury cushioned belt & stud protectors from Kentucky Horsewear, Equiport and KM Alite.

Horse riding and country business

When I was 5 years old I learned to horseback riding and since then I have been enthusiastic about riding and everything that has to do with them. When I was 18 and had a lot of pleasure with him for years, I purchased my first one. I had Toby with me from 2 years until his death at the tender of 35. It was a great personality and a rose-puller!

I' ve got Paddy now, who used to rival my daugther Jess, but now needs a calmer world. But there will be much more and with our subsidiaries on the boat we will certainly keep growing.

Second-hand unstore

The AAE has been accepting knock contributions since the beginning of the 2009 bailout. Originally we at AAE used donor material for use, evaluation, practice and horseback rides. So as the stack donation increased, we started selling the excess stack at AAE and Craigslist to collect money for food, vet costs and other needs.

Our stock of tacks increased over the years and we had occasionally sell tacks as a better way to collect money for the horse. Our stack contributions have also increased with the AAE brand recognition. We' re still getting some astonishing and unbelievably large stack contributions, but our stack stock has gone beyond what can be done to manage a stack sell.

Though not the most prominent place, the shop is also in the immediate vicinity of our favourite food shop, the Lees' Feeder, which makes a simple stop after your stay in the food deposit. When you' re not responsible for the daily maintenance of your horse in the stable, there are many ways to help with AAE's Used Tack Shop.

There are two ways to help out in the shop: donating groceries or volunteers. Give me a Tack: Soft tacks are always welcome. If the staple is given, AAE first refreshes our stable stock, then the surplus is carried over into the stock. The tacks are supplied clean, lubricated and in good working order.

If necessary, however, we can organise the collection of funds and help in the preparation and maintenance of the equipment for selling. Anyone who volunteered: Shop opening times are restricted by the presence of voluntary staff. This is a great place if you like working and tacking with humans. Help with selling, as well as help with cleansing and preparation for de-ack.

Also we need help with the collection of your donated tock. We' re also looking to extend our sale beyond the shop through on-line selling such as Craigslist, Facebook and eBay. This means we need help with selling on line (e.g. photographing, sending, packing/shipping, etc.). Some other ways to help are exploring the staple value, fundraising, merchandizing, decoration, etc.

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