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The RES Sport Boot is a slim boot for your equestrian sportsman, which allows movement and still offers you the desired protection. RES Sports Boots The same shape and protective features as the RES sports shoe are now available in new colours! Fresh Horn Rear Smart Rugged shell with RES locking system with interchangeable VELCRO® fasteners that are easily used with VELCRO fasteners between the horn and at the ear tip.

The best boots..... CHRISTIAN: I LOE THESE BOOTS! When I was looking for a good boots that was NOT dirty, needed one sleeve and one foot and was quite simple to put on, I bought a whole kit! The boots are simple to put on, light, inexpensive and dirt-resistant, the boots remain REALLY in place!

The reason why your stallion may need legrests for his shows and training.

The reason why your stallion may need legrests for his shows and training. Equine companions are asked on a routine basis to carry out complex manoeuvres that they would not normally do in the great outdoors and expose them to a greater diversity of wounds than in the outdoors. The same way a pro sportsman is wearing safety clothing on the pitch, the equestrian needs it.

A trustworthy veterinarian magazine reports that the incident rate of injury in competitive jumpers during exercise is around 30 per cent, the vast majority of which are hanging injury. Many of these wounds lead to the end of the horse's life, not to speak of excessive veterinarian bill. If the use of Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots virtually guarantees the avoidance of such wounds, the following questions arise: When should you start your boat, why shouldn't you start it?

Quarter Horse Outfitters' Western Horsemanship" video today, and find out what the judge is looking for in a successful horseback riding event. Professional's Choice sports medical boots are specially designed to prevent swelling while simultaneously preventing the skin from being cut, scratched and bruised by hoof blows to the feet and various other ailments.

They have undergone thorough testing at large colleges before they came onto the open air markets. Vet Dr. Michael Collier says the use of an SMB provides significant band assistance to the horse's distally attached extremities and can improve the horse's limbs' power intake by up to 45 and more. SMB' energetic intake can help to avoid possible damages to tendons, swelling, ligaments and other muscular skeletons in our equestrian sports.

Horse protection boots are not all equal. Professional's Choose is the only organization that supports its product with sound science tests. Collect your copy of Quarter Horse Australian outfitter today!

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