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SmartPak's range of horse toys includes a large number of bright, appetizing articles. Ease your stall boredom with one of these fun products for your horse. The multifunctional toy can be hung on the wall, left on the floor or attached to the barn door. Secure attachment to the fence or to the stable wall. Have a look today in our selection of high-quality horse toys!

Equestrian toys & salt licks

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Stereotypic behavior is an area that has been misinterpreted for years; it was assumed that stereotypic behavior such as weave, tingling and wind sucking was carried out because of the naughtiness of animals and these behaviors were therefore penalized. Instead of forcefully stopping a pony from showing stereotypic behavior, you can create new charms around it, such as stable toys and boring animals to help alleviate its fears in the area.

There are stable animals in the shape of preferences, fragrant playing ball and mirror, all of which help to make the surroundings a little less harmful for the horses.

Toys for horses against stress and fear - Schneiders

Making your stallion perform is a great way to reduce your fears and stresses. This is a great boring break for your home or competition use. Equestrian toys are robust enough to withstand the toughest conditions. Dogs have a whole range of funny, stressful toys, so why not your own equine?

Toys are needed for those animals that are spending a lot of patience in the stable or even on the pastures, so that they do not become boring or agitated, which often results in them chewing on stable gates or fencing, stepping, digging or showing other poor behaviour. When you want to keep your mare busy and busy, when you can't be there, you can buy a large choice of stalls and other toys from Schneiders.

In the case of stables, which are often in the stable, stalls help to reduce your horse's tedium and keep it busy. Schneider's Jolly Ball is made of extremely strong Polyethylen, which does not require any ventilation, so it cannot be tamped or fractured. They also have a grip on one side so that your mare can throw them around and lift them to go into the barn.

Steed's robust toys are also funny toys in the shape of delicious pads that can be attached to a string in the stable so that your stallion can suck and poke them. Keeping even the brightest and most demanding stables happy with a challenge, multi-directional motion for emotional stimulus.

However, when it comes to keeping your saddle in a paddock or willow, you should still be entertaining to avoid getting tired or damage to your fence and gatepost. Schneiders offers large size equestrian toys that can be played outdoors. There are other kinds of moulded toys that your saddle can toss your saddle (or your saddle) around, rolling your nose and kicking when you feel awake.

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