Equine Tendon Boots

Horse Tendon Boots

Chord boots are an extremely important thing for all horses. Tendon injury can be devastating and life-changing for a horse. Prime Minister Equine Kevlar Airtechnology Tendon Boots.


Cord boots are used on the front limbs to protect the tendon area of the horse's front limb from blows from the hindlegs that can arise when the rear limb stretches forwards towards the front limb, e.g. when galloping or hopping. It also protects the inside of the feet from brushes.

However, you should use enclosed tendon boots for events, as in spite of the danger of tendon injuries there is also a high danger of injuries at the front of the feet due to the massive fencing. The boots of tendon leathers have a tendency to have belts and clasps to attach them, but artificial tendon boots are usually attached with several hook and loop fasteners that are attached around the horse's foot or that go through a ring and reattach to themselves.

There are some that have overlapping dual hook and loop tapes, and these are safer than individual hook and loop tapes. Chord boots with hook and loop fasteners make put on and off the boots fast and simple and are more adjustably than belts and clasps. Tendons boots become unavoidably soiled, so it is important that they can be simply and periodically washed.

Rhinegold Leder tendon boots with detachable fleece lining are handmade boots made of the best grained genuine cowhide with detachable, high-quality fleece lining. Norton Carbone Tendon And Fetlock Boots Set is a flexible shell boot made of thermo plastic with reinforced and ventilated norton carbone, perfect for the everyday leg protector of your horse while at the same time avoiding over heating.

Horseracing Tendon Boots- Buy protective tendon boots for horseback riding

It is not such a big problem if your saddle boots are on, but if your saddle is suffering the full weight of this damage without the protective tendon boots, a tendon rupture may occur.

That kind of lesion can give your horses annoying chest calm month and month. Excess work and even the early traumas can be avoided with a set of horse-tendon boots. On-line for Equine offers a large choice of protecting tendon boots for equine, the tendon boots in our assortment are of the very best rider brands, so you can be confident that you will get the highest you can.

When you are looking for alternate ways of protecting your horse's legs, please check our brush boots, ankle boots andover-reach boots.

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