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We have a large gap in the market for a practical textbook from a single source that covers all aspects of veterinary research on horses. You can find veterinary books for horses online. Bring the best veterinary books for horses to our marketplace. W.B.

Saunders Company offers a catalogue with a variety of detailed books on equine medicine and surgery for veterinarians. The latest books and magazines quote current and well referenced contents on equine diseases and treatment techniques.

Horse training book for family doctors

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Veterinary Equine Manual available

W.B. Saunders Corporation provides a catalogue with a wide range of detailed equine and veterinary surgical literature. W.B. Saunders also invited specialist writers to contribute suggestions for review. Our firm guarantees editing support by an expert staff of writers dedicated exclusively to your disciplines.

In-house support for your design, a full range of professionally designed selling programs and specialised advertising support are available to ensure that your books get the attention they deserve.

Internal medicine for horses - 4th editions

The latest publications on equine illnesses and therapeutic methods are quoted in the latest reference works. International renowned equine professionals present information about issues affecting equine life around the globe - and contribute articles that allow clinicians and college graduates to address more authoritative and understandable issues related to the illness and care of equine people.

Usable external and external architecture makes the handbook attractive to both the equine physician and the veterinarian. Easily found information enables a more thorough comprehension with minimum disappointment.


A ISBN is the 10 or 13 character number that is normally imprinted on the back of a page of a text using a small text string and is used as a distinctive identification for the text. ISBN is the best way to find ISBN because it gives you the precise titles and editions you need.

The ISBN is used by many teachers in their curriculum or course administration. When you don't have the ISBN, try a track or authorship lookup. Type all the words in the searched name. Your browser will try to find a book that contains all the words you typed in the name.

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