Equine Training Center

horse training centre

Equine Training Center LLC. The owner/trainer Nikki Roshon offers boarding, training and instruction in Sunbury, Ohio. Randy Leighton, a lifelong horse trainer, has worked with some of the most respected riders in the world. The Sport Equine Training Center is a private combined training facility with all facilities for training horses for all disciplines.

This is our promise to you:

It was Calico Junction who collected our school and storage ponies. You will extend your programme with additional campers, you will try them out. MEANWHILE MEMBERS MOST OF THEM ARE NOW PROBABLY AWARE THAT THE DAILY LIFE AND PROGRAMS IN OUR INSTITUTION HAVE BEEN PUT ON ICE BY FAMILY MEMBERS DUE TO ILLNESSES.

THIS POINT OF THE this point of the day, we have decided to shut down our plant and shut down all horse-related programs and activities, with the exception of the currently interrupted horse. WE' LL BE SOLD ALL HORSE AND HORSE-RELATED ARTICLES. WE WILL OFFER OUR FURNITURE FOR PURCHASE IN THE EARLY PART OF THE YEAR IN THE HOPE THAT SOMEONE WILL BE ABLE TO CARRY ON TEACHING OUR FURNITURE TO OUR FAMILY, OUR COLLEGE AND OUR COMMUNITY.

this party i want to think to me with the elderly, grandparents and the community for the assistance they have given me and our facility. SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THE FAMILIES WHO HAVE GIVEN ME THEIR MOST VALUABLE POSSESSIONS, THEIR KIDS, AND THE CHANCE THEY HAVE GIVEN ME TO PRESENT AND INSTRUCT LIFELONG PRESENTS AND LESSON THE HORSES HAVE TO GIVE.

Our aim is to promote and promote the safety of riders and horse riders above all else. Learn how to rebuild or rebuild your trust and how to gain reciprocal trust between rider and horse. Learn how to transform your horse with additional skills into desired behavior. As the needs of each individual rider and horse evolve, the growth of our facility and program is constantly evolving.

E.T.C. is proud of its facility to create a learning atmosphere that will encourage each and every one of you to improve your skills with your horses. They felt themselves gone or unable to reach them. Through safe practices, alternative teaching techniques and proven training methods, we help you reach your goals. Take your time with your horses as you wish.

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