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The New Equine Wear is the market leader in the production of protective boots. N.E.W. Boot The New Equine Wear, or N.

E.W. Equine Boats, designed with the help of equine anatomical and formation specialists at the highest levels in equine sports, partner vendors, uses advanced materials to achieve superlative wearing comfort and excellent performanc. The XLF'Extended Life Fabric' is used in most of today's footwear and is a true advancement in cloth tech.

Comprehensive tests and tests have resulted in a remarkable robust and tear-resistant material. N.E.W. Stiefel are the first selection for demanding drivers of all disciplines. Commendation: Why buy N.E.W.? The majority of our products are manufactured in the N.E.W. plant in England, which carries out full QC and just-in-time production to guarantee rapid uptime.

During the last two Olympics, N.E.W. has served 7 nations, and all N.E.W. sponsor drivers are Olympia, World oringers. No driver will make compromises at the highest level - these drivers must have the best available gear and make a consistent choice for N.E.W..

We' re looking for persons who own and run their franchises and have outstanding employees and managerial abilities.

We' re looking for persons who own and run their franchises and have outstanding employees and managerial abilities. This is the ideal present for any event! Ideal for birthday, holiday, thank you and more! It is your last shot at taking some of the astonishing clothing items and gear we are removing.

Select from some of the best clothes and gear of the year for an unrivalled price!

All-new equestrian clothing

Our company's strength lies in our key assets, which are to offer our clients a high value buying environment, superior service and the sale of top of the range goods at an affordable price. He has a broad backround with jumpers from the ages of ten and sixteen to point-to-point equestrian.

In the next twenty years Robert drove on and was fortunate enough to have won a North Championship in 1999. He is still very actively involved in the shop, supervising every part of the enterprise and offering an attention-grabbing saddle-assembly team. In recent years we have grown stronger and stronger and have always adhered to our key principles of excellence, client support and value for your investment.

We opened the store in Ballycarry, County Antrim in 2008, which gave us the chance to showcase our wide selection of equine, riding and domestic animal clothing. We have grown our operations and in 2015 we started building a second camp to house our wide assortment of equitation equipment such as Ariat, Horseware, Samshield, Freejump, Mountain Horses, Dubarry, Caldene, Toggi, Equine America, Horses First and Pikeur, to name but a few.

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