Equine Wellness Magazine

Horse Wellness Magazine

Peterborough, ON. The Equine Wellness magazine is a respected and sought-after source that appeals to horse lovers of all disciplines. Horse Wellness At the moment we cannot edit journals to other locations.

We will then add your subscriptions to the publisher's next release and send them by post. If, for example, your month ticket was ordered in November and the December edition has already been sent, your order can be added to the January mailings. Renew your subscription:

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Benefit from the advantages of a paid membership while maintaining your own controls.

Benefit from the advantages of a paid membership while maintaining your own controls. Automated Renewals Service: This service is part of the Automated Renewals Service. You' ll get all the advantages of our automated extension programme. You' ll need a computer attached to your computer to get the gift announcement card printed.

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