Equine Winter Riding Boots

Horse winter riding boots

Horse Tech International's high winter riding boots keep your feet warm and comfortable during your winter rides. You will find the perfect pair of paddock boots, high boots, waterproof boots, winter boots, riding shoes and low shoes for all your needs. Riding boots keep your feet and lower legs warm even in the snow. In contrast to most horse people we love winter!

More about Mountain Horses!

More about Mountain Horses! Mountain Horsehorse designer and creator Lar Sjöswärd designed the world's first winter-lined riding boots in 1988 - the Winter Rider, the Hybrids - Classic Rider and the well-ventilated and cosy Rocky Mountain riding cardigan, all with a view of his little Catherina. Catherina wanted to be kept safe and cosy during the hard winter in Sweden.

Thirty years later, Mountain Horse is selling in 35 different markets around the globe. All of the people in the whole household are part of the shop and still believe in the same philosophies - shoes and clothes must be classy, of very high qualitiy and yet still practise. Today's clients are much more experienced than at the beginning of the company, which is a good match for Mountain Horse.

Each year Mountain Horse presents two new ranges, one in early and one in fall. Every year there are a number of innovation in the shape of integrated security functions, intelligent designs and new, practical fabrics for apparel, outwear, boots and ancillaries. A further important element for the succes of Mountain Horses is the innovation of the employees.

We have often taken on a pioneering role in the industry in terms of the products we develop with their vision and ideas," says Bertil Sjöswärd, who has been Managing Director of Mountain Horse since 2000. "You have to be one step ahead in equitation, be innovative and make the right investment. We are constantly working on new concepts and state-of-the-art designs and are in continuous touch with trend-setters all over the world," says Bertil Sjöswärd.

Founded by and culture guide Lars Sjöswärd has always been a driving force and pioneer of the market. Combining his love of horse riding in general with his corporate skills and Far Eastern expertise, he paved the way for the immediate popularity of the Mountain Horse name.

Bertil, the eldest of the sons, entered the group in 1992 and has extensive runners' shoes manufacturing expertise. And Bertil introduces comfort inserts and features to the Mountain Horse line that have never before been seen on the horseback. He is now managing partner and in charge of day-to-day work. Catherina, Lars' young horseback riding child, was her father's inspirational force in founding the school.

Together, Lars and Catherina continued to create clothes and shoes for the rider. Today Catherina is Strategic Brand Manager for Mountain Horse. He is now in charge of the entire shoe design and brings the latest innovation and technologies to a constantly expanding and challenging horse market. He is the inventor of the SCS3-System.

Today, 25 dedicated and dedicated employees are driving the company towards new targets and selling in the United States, Canada and 35 other markets around the world. Our mission is to deliver the best in style, functionality and style. She has a great enthusiasm for her horse riding and is passionate about her work.

Mountaine Horse® riding equipment is sold in the USA solely by EnglishRidingSupply.com.

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