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Equestrian equipment

For dressage, clothing and equipment must be formal. If you buy one, you get one. The Parker Horse Equipment has always been developed for the safety of horse and rider.

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The equestrian sports are equestrian sports in which horses participate in one of the three sports. Horseriding is a hazardous play, because if a horseman drops from a stallion due to a fault or for some other cause, he may be injured. Horsemen also need to be comfortable when seated on a saddle so that they can climb and horseback on it.

That is why they need to be equipped with convenience and security features. We will talk about the equipment used in equitation in this section. Every seat that suits the horses and does not limit its movements is good to walk on. This is a garment that every driver must carry for security purposes.

Breakaches are pants that the driver wears together with shoes and coats during the race.

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It is our aim - In the service of the equestrian sportsman, amateurs, casual lovers and sport interested parties to minister to all those who often act independent but have the same needs and shared value. The EIE offers the possibility to look for races, equestrian sport, equestrian sport, holiday, health, arts, lifestyle....and much more.

These responsibilities also include the well-being of horses, rescuing and retiring horses, taking into account the needs and interests of all equestrian enthusiasts around the globe.

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When you start with the transfer from equestrian lover to equestrian pro, it becomes necessary to assemble your own equipment. The equipment supports you during your studies at the AU, but is also the tool you need for your work in industrial applications. We have linked some articles for you with a simple order form.

Those are things that the student has accompanied in the past when shopping. This is OK if you already own these articles, but if you buy, please order the related articles.


This long and colorful tradition of dressing- goes back to Greece. The highest manifestation of equestrian education, equestrian sports is regarded as the arts of equestrian sports and serves as the basis for all other sports. Thousands of years ago, the Greeks realized that if riders and riders were to live in combat, a full collaboration between the two was necessary and invented the technique of equestrian warfare.

After the collapse of ancient Greece, the equestrian arts gradually disappeared into obscurity until they were revived in the Renaissance. Classic training peaked in the eighteenth centur y with the founding of the world-famous Spanische Hofreitschule in Vienna in 1729, laying the foundation for it.

Free Dance is the highlight of the training and when it works, the results are magical. Up until 1948 only men entered, since the horsemen had to be army mates. It was abolished in 1951 and since the Helsinki Games in 1952, men have been opposed by men.

First they started in training, then slowly in the other riding tournaments. She has won a grand prize of eight times - three golden and five silv. Isabell Werth (five golden and three silvers medals) and Reiner Klimke (six golden and two bronce medals) also won eight of them.

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