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Exercise equipment - Bits - Saddles, accessories and fittings - Show harnesses and parts - Horse vehicles - Racing harnesses and parts - Riding boots. I' ve tried new equipment on a horse. Saving up to 26% discount on MSRP on agricultural machinery and mowing.

To own a horse? You are a horse company? In a brief interviewee we will find out more about your horse, yard, ranch or establishment to see if you are suitable to participate. Please consult your retailer to inform them of your entitlement to the programme. Visiting your retailer and buying your equipment ONLY for our equestrian mates!

Call us and let your horse safe your time!

Tips for the safety of horse equipment | Programs for horses

Betting a bangsaddle on a big, bulky horse is a flaw. A badly seated tack can cause the horse to behave to prevent aching. Ensure that your turn is correct. Please note: Many stack shops provide stack-fit hospitals, most of them free of charge, so make sure you use this service.

A badly seated turn will be an uncomfortable adventure for you and your horse. Whenever you turn, especially when someone else has tacked the horse. Also ALWAYS inspect the load points or the abrasion of bridles and saddles. Ensure that the nut is the right fit for your horse.

Notice: An ill-fitting staple can cause wounds and possibly behaviour issues in the horse. An unsuitable seat hinders the rider's driving skills. I' ve tried new equipment on a horse. Jumped off the bike and I just crashed. Notice: Not only that an ill-fitting staple is a security problem with regard to slip etc., but also very unpleasant for the horse and can lead to behavioural difficulties.

Make sure your stacks are in place at all times. I' ve got a squashed breastbone and broken fins on a westernsaddle. When not using your nut for abseiling, you should saw off the bugle and wrap the area around it with leathervap. Notice: If you are not using a westernsaddle for the right use, I would suggest to find another kind of westernsaddle instead of changing the westernsaddle.

Be sure you have fast releases to prevent your legs from getting stuck when your horse begins to buckle and you are shed. Notice: There are many types of quick-release fasteners to protect yourself. Make sure that the stirrup is not too small so that your legs can come out when falling.

Notice: With stapes, the stapes should be wide enough to allow your boot to sit on either side of the sole. Carry a leathernelt as you never know when you need it as a fast fix on a long drive for a stapes leash, cinchstrap, pencil cord, etc..

Always use a neckband on my horse to use as an ambulance reins, stirrups or leash. Hint: This is a good exercise for emergencies and can also be used for jumping. I' ve got a snap on my seat, where I can always attach my RCA, my chest collars and my BUCUCKS when my seat is not in use and I make sure that my Latin is not hang.

In this way it is ensured that when I load and unload my fifth wheel from the semitrailer's semitrailer nothing hangs down on which I can stumble. Hint: This is good advise. Keeping the turn clear, orderly and straight. Don't economize at the turn. This does not mean that you have to buy the most costly out there, but make sure your turn is secure.

So I bought a low-cost seat from the web and thought I'd be upgrading in a year or so. When I first put on the seat, I didn't really felt and the second I thought it didn't really work out. I had a little car crash with my little girl for a crappy broken seat belt.

Notice: Always perform a security audit of your tack, whether it is of good or not. When someone else has attached your horse, be sure to inspect the horse's seat, girth, dentures, rein, bridles and so on. Notice: Regardless of who has attached your horse, you as a horseman are the one who has the effect if something goes awry.

Run a security scan. Before assembling, always recheck your turning point. Thinking like a scheduled passenger who carries out security assessments before and during the fight. Notice: This is great advise! Particularly if someone else has been helping you. At the end of the day it is you and your horse who could be in danger, no matter how useful someone wanted to be.

He was frightened and began to run and hump. To ensure that the staple, which includes the rein, is in good shape, always inspect it very well. Notice: Security controls are one of the most important things you can do before driving. LeathervidePoor Leathervide is an afterthought. You' ve got to keep your strap on.

Leathernangers, seat posts, fences and reigns are in need of attention. Bad skin treatment will lead to rotting and fracturing. Hint: Good advise. Make sure that you also perform a security inspection, especially straps and seams. BearingKeep your horse trailers bearings lubricated to prevent injury. Notice: You should keep your towing vehicles and your trailers in good condition and ensure that you carry out regular service and security inspections, especially before transport.

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